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Getting this blog going has become a priority and there is going to be a lot more content here. One of the changes you many have already noticed is that there are more posts. The more popular this blog can become then the more I am able to share with you. Part of all that is reviewing new gear.

Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2

I told you that I have the Tamron 24-70mm on loan from Tamron Australia. I have had it for a week now and so far I can’t find any fault with it. The images have been crisp and sharp. It has been easy to use.

It is not a light lens, but often the heavier a lens is the more solid it is, and a mark of good quality. Usually means there is more metal in them.

It does have VC, or Vibration Compensation, which seems to be very important for many lenses now. I tend to turn it off because I am not used to it. I always worry that I will forget to turn it off when I’m on a tripod and it will ruin my images. It is good for many people and those that need it will find that it is good. I will use it if I’ve had too much coffee, or I want to make sure I get something perfectly.

Sirui Tripods

This is a brand that I hadn’t heard about until recently. I asked everyone on The Photographer’s Mentor about what tripod they had or wanted and this brand was mentioned quite a bit. That meant I need to go and do some research. Then I went out with a new person and they had one of their tripods, so I took a good look. It was an impressive piece of equipment, so I organised with Sirui here in Australia to borrow a couple to try out.

They have sent me two. I have only just got them, but will be going out quite a bit over the next couple of weeks to try them and see what I think of them. I will probably end up buying one as well. Here are my first thoughts.

Sirui A-1205 Carbon Fibre Tripod with Y-11 Ball Head and Convertible Monopod Leg

This is the smaller of the two and was suggested as a good one for going into the city.  When you are walking around the city you often don’t know if you will even need one, but then again you might so you might like to always have it with you. This is where this tripod is good.

It is a small tripod, meaning to carry and when set up. However, if you want something bigger then you will also need to carry more weight as well. I am short, and it looks like when the camera is on the tripod I will have to bend down, but not much. I will be able to see the controls on the camera on the top very easily as well. Many tripods are too tall for me.

Trips have been planned to go and test it, and see how it does with my bag and camera. I will report back here on my findings, but if you would like more information on this one, here is the link.

Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod

This is one that I am definitely interested in and was very happy to see they sent it to me. It is bigger than the other one, but it is designed more for landscape photography. Taking photos down on the coast, or in the open, can be tricky and you need something that can handle mother nature.

It is a much heavier tripod and you can feel that when you pick it up. It is also very solid. However, it is too tall for me. When it is fully extended it would be right over my head. That isn’t always a bad thing. Having a tripod that can go that high can be an advantage at times.

The waterproof element is of special interest. Taking photos down the coast can be hard on tripods and if this one can cope with that then it will be really good.

If I get one it will most likely be one of these, but the model down that is slightly shorter. If you would like more information about this model, here is the link.

It is an exciting time being able to test gear and to tell you how I find them. I am finding that some companies are happy for me to just share the information here and on my social media. As time goes on their will be more posts like this and I hope you enjoy them.

Long exposure taken with the Tamron 24-70mm lens.



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  1. Leanne, I tried to answer your last email but it was not sent. Question? If the centre lifts out to become a monopod would you please see if it would double as a hiking stick in nice conditions. I have hiking sticks but did not take them last subsequently as usual I fell. Not unusual for me .

  2. Dragons Head I like the different composition to most pics of this rock. Now to tripod. At first impression it looks impressive. But is it too light. I believed that too light would not be stable in adverse conditions. Also 12 rings to undo and then tighten seems to be a bit laborious and time consuming. Really interested in you evaluation with these comments in mind.. Cheers Geoff

    1. Thank you Geoff, nice to get something a little different. I think it really depends where you are going to use it. The smaller one would be fine for people traveling, and maybe to carry when going into the city. I don’t think I would use it down at the beach. The second one is heavier and sturdier. I think 12 rings is becoming standard and you do get a rhythm going with it, so not a problem. It is done that way to keep it small for carrying around. I haven’t tried that one yet, but will give it a go tonight. I was using the other one last night and it was great. I will do more posts on them as I use them more Geoff.

  3. I love the gear reviews Leanne, keep them coming. Thank you.

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