The Great Ocean Road

This time last week I was getting ready for 5 days down the Great Ocean Road. I was going to be traveling with Pam and Mike from California who had been in Australia for over 2 months and this was to be their last week here. I felt honoured that they wanted to spend it with me. It was going to be a lot fun traveling along the Great Ocean Road.

I had a ball and thanks to Mike I tried doing a few panoramas with my phone. I might have to try doing more with my camera and trying some stitching. I have four to show you. I will put a caption with each one so you can see them. They aren’t great, but gives you an idea of where I’ve been. I will show more photos over the next few weeks.

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  1. Leanne, some time ago you used a Topaz Program. I tried and liked it. However I have forgotten which one it was. Was it Clarity?
    cheers Geoff

  2. Stunning! I’ll be visiting New Zealand next year, and keep thinking that if I’m that “close”, I should visit Austalia, too.
    How I would love to ride down this road.

    1. New Zealand is on my list, one day I hope to get there, silly really considering how close it is. The Great Ocean Road is very popular with motor cyclists. I am sure you would love it. Maybe you could fly here after New Zealand and fly home from Australia.

  3. You say they aren’t great but they are beautiful and enough to make me want to stand where you stood. Love that coast!!

  4. Great photos. You are able to elicit more than just appreciation for the scene, but elicit an emotional response through light and color. Beautiful.

  5. Leanne, your photos are incredibly dramatic and evoke a powerful response. I don’t comment every time but I enjoy seeing where you always take me.
    Best, Ruth in Pittsburgh

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