Revisiting U4D: Photography Wishlist


Every now and then I wonder about my photography wishlist and today I thought revisiting this U4D post could be good. It is interesting to see how many things change over time and what we want changes.

Revisiting U4D: Photography Wishlist

Normally when I do a post like this I would just put everything here and then tell you how things have changed. However I think for this one, I’m just going to copy the headings and give you the link back to the original post.

U4D: Looking back at the Photography Wishlist

The post was originally published on October 24th in 2016. It was a follow up of another one done previously. Funny looking back at it now and how things have changed.

A new camera, a Nikon D810 or D750. I am not sure which. I think they are both great cameras.

In the end I didn’t get either of these. Once the rumours started about the D850 I decided to hang in there and wait for it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Now, things are changing again and I’m seriously considering getting rid of my Nikon gear, well a fair bit of it. I think I want to go mirrorless and the hot contender right now is the Fujifilm X-T3. Though, others have told me that I should also look into Olympus, which I am considering as well. Well, looking into their cameras. I don’t really know anything about them as this stage.

One thing I do know is that I am not interested in the Nikon mirrorless set up.


A 28-300mm lens by Nikon. I love this lens and would really love my own.

When I had a loan of this lens I thought it was the best ever. I used both the Tamron version and then after it the Nikon one. I took the Tamron lens to the US and I used it so much. It almost never left the camera. When it went back I mourned it.

Then I was loaned the Nikon 28-300mm and I fell in love with it. When I went to Tasmania the first time I used it there a lot. Then it had to go back.

I really did think it would be the next lens I would buy. I never got it. It is funny, but the only time I have wished that I had one was on my last trip to Tasmania. I think it is fair to say that I don’t really want this one anymore.

Maybe a Nikon 24mm Tilt Shift lens.

There was a time when I really wanted one of these, but after seeing someone use one, well, I changed my mind. They seem to be a lot of mucking around and I know what I’m like. Basically I’m a lazy person and if something needs a lot of work then I’m likely not to use it.

This one can be removed from the wishlist.



A slightly smaller tripod, I would like some new carbon fibre legs from Gitzo.

The tripod can be removed from the list. While I never got a Gitzo tripod I did get one from Benro which I absolutely love. I’ve been using the Benro SystemGo for a couple of years now. It is the one I use the most out of all the tripods I have. I love it in the city especially.

A geared Really Right Stuff tripod head with a L bracket.

Another surprise that is on the list. It will also be removed as well as I have found another L bracket that I love for the arca swiss system. I am loving it a lot.

L brackets are so good to have, especially if you have a heavy camera.

Complete set of Formatt Hitech ND Filters for my Nikon 14-24mm lens.

One of the few things here that I did end up getting, but no longer have. I sold the filters when I sold the lens. Great lens, but I really prefer the 16-35mm which uses my 100mm filters.

Manchester Unity Building

Pay for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for about 5 years.

This will always be on my list I think. I don’t think I am going to find anyone who will pay for it for me anytime soon.

Though there are lots of other types of software that work really well as well.

Maybe a Tamron 150-600mm lens.

Still a lens I wouldn’t mind having in my kit. I have always enjoyed having one when they were on loan. Bird photography is something I enjoy doing, but only when I have a good lens for it. Though, I don’t think I could ever justify getting one.

New laptop.

This one has happened as well. I bought a new tripod about a year or so ago. It was a basic one. Getting a really good tripod is not something I could justify really. I work on a desktop computer at home and that is where I do majority of my work.


So that is how it was, but now it would be different again. I was going to give you a run down of my current wishlist, but I think I will do that next week.

How has your wishlist changed over time? Do you find what you want now is different to what you thought you wanted a couple of years ago?




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  1. Damn I would really have liked those filters to go with my 14-24mm Nikkor! That said, I get by with Software Filtering on most if not all of the shots taken with that lens where I’d probably use them. I love this lens. I’ve never had a shoot with the 16-35mm so can’t comment. I have a Tamron 150-160mm and LOVE it, but I do quite a lot of nature and wildlife shots. Considering the price point it’s damn fine.
    I have an X-T1, it’s quite good although if I’d known the X-T2 was coming out so soon after I may have waited. However if the money is there later maybe I’d get an X-T3. They’re really fine tuning their system now.
    I’m curious what’s deterring you from the Nikon solution? I admit I’d not be jumping into it right now, I think they need to pick up on some of the aspects including autofocus. But given another year, maybe two you’ve still got access to all that lovely glass you already have as the adapter seems to be quite functional to overcome the different mount.

    1. Too late Craig, sorry, they were great. Yeah, I didn’t like having to carry two sets of filters with me, so the 16-35mm works better for the way I work. Yeah, I’ve thought about that Tamron lens, but I just don’t have the money for it.
      I am hoping that if I change I will be getting the X-T3, that is the plan, just have to work out which lenses.
      I am not really a fan of Nikon Australia, I have to say. I don’t like their attitude towards women, so I would like to move away from them.
      Thanks Craig for joining the discussion.

  2. Hi Leanne, Yes my setup and wish lists change over the years. I was a Canon Shooter using the 5d Mark III and IV, along with a decent suite of L lenses, including a 400mm 2.8L (Big Bertha). I am slowly selling it all off as I have seen the light and have converted to Sony Full Frame Mirrorless, a a7rIII and an a9 and most of their lenses. Haven’t looked back since! The one item on my wish list is to get rid of my circular filters and go for the Nisi 100×100 system. I spent a whole day recently with DCW using the Nisi system and I loved them. A new monitor would be good as well. I just need a bigger money tree 🙂 Ian

    1. Good to hear I”m not the only one Ian. The 400mm is a big lens. Yeah, I think that seems to happen to all of us, we decide we want lighter. I know it is a big thing for me. I use the Formatt Hitech filters, I think they are better, but that’s me. My husband got me a new monitor a while back, love it. Thank you Ian for sharing your thoughts.

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