Weekend Wanderings: Melbourne as the sun goes down

Just recently I’ve been asked to do a few One on One Photography Sessions around Melbourne. It has been great to get people who want to learn how to photograph Melbourne like I do. It is also challenging. I met a lovely man from Sydney the other day and we spent a couple of days exploring Melbourne. On the second day I tried to show him some places that perhaps the average tourist wouldn’t really know about.

We met at Federation Square and went to Birrarung Mar, a local park near the city. You can get some great views of the city from there.


The sun was going down and we really were at the wrong end of the city to be making the most of the sunset. It always seems to be the way with me, unfortunately.


I love the images you can get from this bridge, I’ve been there a view times, but these are the first ones that I can say that I really liked.


We also took photos of the trains going in and out of the city, I took lots so I could stack them. Two in the gallery are stacked, this is one and the other is just one image.


To finish off the night we ended up Hosier Lane. A place that is usually photographed during the day. I’d seen some great shots of it at night and thought I would like to try, so I got this.

It was a fun evening and I think my client enjoyed what I showed him and what he got to photograph. We finished off the night with a drink and a bowl of chips with aioli at Young & Jackson, another Melbourne institution. I think he enjoyed his time and got some great shots too. I love showing my city to other people.

I have a gallery of a few more images, plus those above, I hope you enjoy them. Weekend here, and the weather is looking nice. Enjoy.

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  1. As always, your photos stop me cold, always pin sharp, always gorgeous color and always, they shout, ‘Leanne made this image!”

  2. Great night photography, Leanne. Did you use any additional (fill) lighting on the Hosier Lane shot? Melbourne, here I come! (Hopefully soon.)

  3. I always love your weekend wanderings or any other time in Melbourne…great images – particularly the bridge this time!
    When I win the lottery, I will come to Australia and wander with you…

  4. beautiful…. love the bridge, the trains, and graffiti on Hosier with the dark alley! very lovely collection to have created from your outing Leanne!!

    1. I spent several weeks in Melbourne when travelling throughout Australia in 2011, and got the sense of a bit of a “rivalry” between Sydney and Melbourne. All in good fun though!
      I posted my Australia photographs on
      Love your blog and your work.
      You are fantastically talented!

    2. Yes, there is a bit, of course we all know that Melbourne is much better, haha.
      I will take a look.
      Thank you, that is really nice to hear.

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