Scouting Around Marysville


Yesterday my daughter took me driving to Marysville.  I had very specific ideas of what I wanted to take photos of.  I had all the plans, knew where I was going, but when I got there, things didn’t go the way I hoped.  I was heading for one particular road, it was CLOSED.  Two hour trip for nothing.

Well almost.  We went to the lolly shop there and got talking to the people who told us about Steavenson Falls.  So we went looking for it.

steavenson falls, Marysville

It was a great waterfall, but in all seriousness it was too sunny, and I knew I didn’t have much hope of getting any good images.  I did have the neutral density filter with me and used it for the image above.  Nice to now you can get a long exposure in bright sunlight.

The atmosphere was disturbed by a group of school children who came to see the falls.  They are always so loud, and there never seems to be anyone in charge of them.  They seem to never be given guidance or understanding that they are disrupting other people.  If my children behave like that, well when they were children, they were reminded that people there didn’t want to listen to them.  I saw the something other day about children these days not having manners, I believe it.

There are walks around the falls and I would like to go back another time, but pick a better time to take photos.  Maybe first thing in the morning.  Marysville is really growing again, and is recovering well after being almost totally destroyed by the Black Saturday fires.  It might be good to go and stay overnight and then go to the falls early in the morning, before people get there, and do some exploring.  Something to think about at a further date.

So while the trip didn’t work out as I had hoped, it was good to at least see it and see some of the possibilities. Marysville is a lovely and beautiful small town. It is shocking what happened to it just over 5 years ago, but it is great to see that it didn’t destroy the spirit of the town.  I have a video somewhere in a post on what it was like a couple of months after the fires.

I am going to include a gallery for you to see two other images, plus the one above at the end.

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