Floral Friday – Alowyn Gardens

Floral Friday - Alowyn Gardens

Today I was out at Alowyn Gardens and I thought it might be good to do a post on the place for Floral Friday. Though I wasn’t there to take photos.

Floral Friday – Alowyn Gardens

It is a shocking day today as far as the weather goes. Lots of wind and rain. I did take my camera to the gardens this morning, but really I was there to talk to them about future classes. They are keen for me to teach and I’m keen to do it as well. We are trying to come up with a heap of classes.

So far we have 4 more or less booked in for the next few months. With more planned for next year.

The next one is going to be 7th of September and will be an introductory class to using Adobe Lightroom. I know a lot of previous students have asked about this, so it should be a great one to do.

Today we sat down and discussed how we can go about it. What will be the best way for me to teach it. I am excited about heading in this direction.

We also schedule future classes for macro photography. One will be with the camera and one with smartphones. Also planning one in December that will be something very different, but more about that later.

You can’t book yet, but if you are interested you can let Alowyn Gardens know and they can add your name to the list.

Here are some photos that I have taken there before. These were taken almost 2 years ago with Lensbaby Velvet 85. An interesting lens.

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