Silent Sunday – A fun day in the city from 2013

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  1. What a gorgeous place and fantastic pastries! I’m not enamored of macarons, but I do love some good French (or other, not-to-sweet) pastries and a pot of good tea. 🙂 I miss that in the US. Almost everything is too sweet for me.


    1. I don’t like macarons either, they are weird. I love the other stuff too. It is quite the thing here. Thank you Janet.

    1. Thank you John, I think I like photographing food, I just wish I could make sure that looks that good so I can photograph it here.

  2. We have a royal arcade in our next city in Norwich too. It looks like your Block Arcade. Maybe all royal arcades look similar.
    Have a happy weekend, dear Leanne,
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Lovely photos. Sadly the Tearoom is trading illegally. The name of the tearoom belongs to the previous owner who traded at the tearooms. During the sale of the business the original signs were to be removed but the new owner has refused and continues to illegally trade under the false name. Legal case is ongoing.

    2. Thank you. I hadn’t heard that about the tearooms. It is a pretty horrible thing to happen. I can’t see the new owner winning the case.

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