Silent Sunday – Yosemite

Silent Sunday - Yosemite

A quick post for Silent Sunday as we look back at some of the photos I took when I visited Yosemite back in 2015. I mean it too, it will be quick. I have to be somewhere soon.

Silent Sunday - Yosemite

Silent Sunday – Yosemite

I only spent about 24 hours there. Though, when I was travelling to the US I had no idea that I would be going there. My friends let me know after I arrived and I was so surprised. So happy. It is such a beautiful place.

When we went to Lake Tahoe, and then Yosemite after, it really was the first time I ever experienced mountains. We have them here in Australia, but the tallest one is only just over 7000 feet. The ones I was seeing there were a lot bigger.


The first night in the mountains I woke up and realised that I was having trouble breathing. It was harder to do. In the morning I was told it was because the air was thicker with the higher altitude. Even doing a small walk was hard, I would be gasping.

I had heard about altitude sickness and thought I had it the first day when we went to the top of a mountain at Squaw Valley. Very quickly I did some research and realised I was probably dehydrated so I started drinking water. It wasn’t long before I was feeling better.


While I wasn’t there wasn’t long I did manage to get a few photos. It would be wonderful to spend a week there and explore the area. When I was in New Zealand it reminded me how much I love mountains. I would really love to go back to Yosemite one day, and maybe even Yellowstone. Who knows.

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    1. Thank you Jack, I”m not really, I’ve only been overseas 3 times, but I want to start seeing a lot more in Australia.

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