A quick look at Instagram this week


This is a quick post and an apology. I’ve been very busy, but will explain all on Friday. I do need to get into a rhythm with this blog again, and might have to consider going back to daily. I keep forgetting about it, and I really don’t like that.

Here are four photos that have been on Instagram this week. I hope you like them.

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    1. Thanks Julie, I don’t want to, but other things keep getting in the way, I need to get back into a rhythm, like I used to have. I am a fast worker Julie.

  1. Excellent photos Leanne. I’ve been less active on my Instagram account (@cguzmanofficial) since my Iphone died (they’re not built for Norwegian climate), but I’m waiting for a new phone that will hopefully arrive this week.

    1. Thank you, I’ve noticed you haven’t been around. I didn’t know that phones had trouble with your climate. I hope it arrives soon.

  2. Hi Leanne As usual, I love your images.You capture a scene that seems ordinary and put a new perspective on it, make it awe inspiring. So cool 🙂

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