Sitting on its own – a pear

I’m still trying to do the still-life stuff and have been working on some other things. I also want to make some changes to this blog.

I have purchased a new theme and will be getting that installed. I am planning some other stuff too, but you will have to wait to hear about that.

I’m still trying to work out all this still-life stuff and have for you another image. It is one of the pears.

I did this a couple of weeks ago, but have been sitting on it. Not absolutely sure about it. I think sometimes I can overdo things initially and then it is about finding my own way.

I’m enjoying working with the textures again. I have so many and keep collecting more. Doing work that uses them is fantastic.

I hope you enjoy this image of the pear.

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  1. I really like how it feels like the pear is becoming increasingly “profound” in itself the longer I look at this image. I do think that I prefer the one with the 3 pears leaning to the right (as I see it), it has a humourous feel to it.

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