Back online after some technical problems

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Hosting your own blog can be fantastic, but it can also come with other problems.

I had to install some new updates and they crashed my site. Of course, it had to happen just as I had done a new post. So if you missed the last post, here is a link to it.

Sitting on its own – a pear

Hopefully, all will be well with it now. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Touch wood, I’ve been lucky with hosting my WordPress site. Simple plrecautions like a regular backup can help! Glad you;re back.

    1. Thank you Matt, this has been the first major glitch in a few years. It all started with having to update PHP, which my husband hates with a passion, then database wasn’t cooperating. Just a mess really.

    1. You will be fine Lena, you are with the main WordPress site, I’m self hosted, which creates lots of other problems. Go for it. Or not up to you.

    2. Thanks! I did change it. Long story but it changed itself after I click on a new theme I was considering. And it is working fine. Thanks for the encouragement!

    3. Oh good, that is great news. Nothing like a change. I still have to do mine, but it seems it isn’t going to be as simple as I hoped. Fingers crossed I get it sorted, but don’t think anything will happen until I get back from my trip.

  2. I’ve thought about going self-hosted but am still reluctant to make the switch. Migrating my site from to may make my site lose posts and other data. I’m glad that your back!

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I would do self-hosted without Dave, he is a programmer and always fixes the problems I have. Migrating my followers was probably the easiest thing to do really. Easier than I thought. Thanks John.

  3. Whew! Sorry about the glitch but I thought it was me. I kept trying and trying to get to your site last night and kept getting the ‘cannot reach the database’ message. The pear is a beauty, Leanne.

    1. Yeah it was the database that was the issue. Hopefully all fixed now. I couldn’t do anything until Dave had time to fix to it.

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