Some forgotten infrared images from Central Tilba

I showed one of these images the other day, I think it was the header. Once I had posted it I thought wow it is a bit dark and there were no real whites with it. It was an infrared image, but that is no excuse for bad processing, in my book.

I went back to the folder where I had all those images and thought wow there are heaps here I have never processed, so today I have 5 images for you that I have just done.

They were taken in 2018 when a friend and I went to the south coast of New South Wales. It was a long drive. We stayed in a small town called Central Tilba which was a little way from the coast, but an easy drive to get to.

It is a really quaint town and I can see why it is a popular tourist destination. I might have to look at the folder for the colour images and see if I can do some of those one day.

Nearly all these images were taken along the main street, which is basically the whole town. I hope you can see how quaint it is with the photos. Just a note that the little library under the tree says Tilba’s Wisdom Tree Community Library.

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  1. These are spectacular! I think the infrared makes me think of the Shire, from the Lord of the Rings. This seems to be a lovely, peaceful place.

    1. Thank you Tim, I know exactly what you mean about the Shire in Lord of the Rings. I think it is lovely, though being a tourist destination, not sure how peaceful.

  2. That first image with all the trees is really a wow! shot. I like infrared…gives everything a very otherworldly look.

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