Some videos from my favourite people

Some videos from my favourites

I’m being lazy today, sorry, but with Christmas, just over a week away, I thought you would be okay if I showed you some videos from my favourite people on YouTube.

It has been so busy around here and finding time to blog has been hard. Really hard. I decided that for today I would go through the people I subscribe to and show you some videos from them. Hopefully, you are okay with that.

Morten Rustad

Look the name is the link to his YouTube channel, brilliant. It has been a while since I first started following him, but I do always enjoy what he posts. He is definitely one of my favourites.

I love his time-lapse stuff and here he is showing us the latest one he has posted. If you ask me he does some of the best time-lapse around. I would love to do some like him.

Brendan van Son

Another link. Brendan is a fairly new favourite for me. I discovered him when I started searching out videos to show each Monday. Now I’m addicted and eagerly await each new video. I was recently enjoying his trip to Nepal. You will have to go to his channel to see them.

This video is about doing a long exposure on a ship. I do find it interesting how he gives so many things a go. You can see what worked and what didn’t. Who knew it was possible and I certainly had doubts when I first saw it.

The Bite Shot

This last one is very new to me and I have only just started following. My friend Chris recommended it when I said I wanted to try food photography. Joanie teaches people how to do food photography on her YouTube channel so I have been watching to see what I can learn. Her style is great and I think I’m going to learn a lot.

The video I picked out for you is one where she is going to show you some tricks for cropping in Lightroom. I think it is something we use for other types of photography as well.

That is it for me today. Don’t forget to check out my other blog for my non-photography stuff, Caught Midway. The days I don’t blog here, I will, hopefully, be blogging there.

Some videos from my favourites
Image is a screengrab from Brendan Van Son

Some videos from my favourite people

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