Weekend Wanderings: Healesville Sanctuary gets a different look

Yesterday I want to the Healesville Sanctuary and decided to use the Lensbaby Velvet 56 to take photos. It was an interesting experience. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but you do get rather interesting images. I had to rethink what I was doing and photograph everything slightly differently.

I am going to show you the photos of the animals and birds today. There are Koalas, Kangaroos, called Harriot and Earl, an Emu, some pelicans, a Heron, a couple of Tasmanian Devils, a Wombat called Florence, and finally a red tailed cockatoo. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

They are all Australian, Healesville is a great place to see all the Australian Flora and Fauna. This is just a sample of what is there.

I hope your weekend is going well. Maybe you might visit a zoo near you.

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    1. They are good fun Laurie, I have to admit I didn’t know what they were really until a couple of months ago. They are fantastic, especially for up close work. Thank you.

  1. Oh, Leanne, I LOVED the emu’s head – made me chuckle. All lovely but it seems to be true what they say; those that focus on the eyes seem especially emotive for me.

    1. It was a hard shot to get, I kept hoping it wouldn’t decide to peck me, haha, the only did that to my friend. Yes, perhaps, I was trying some new things, not sure it all worked, but different is good sometimes. Thank you Maxine.

  2. I think you got the hang of that lens fast! I love the roo shots and feel that the lens enhanced the effect. It’s like the lens add more bokeh so there is some on the same plane as the subject and this helps make the subject pop even more.

    1. Thanks Nicci, I am I think, starting to get how to use it. It is good for that kind of effect, I need to try it on architecture next. It adds great bokeh and really i think that is what it is good for the most.

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