Something different from the Blue Lotus Gardens


Finally, got out again today to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens. It is nice to get another visit in, though many of the water lilies are done, but we did manage to get something different.

Something different from the Blue Lotus Gardens

The last time we went there were lotus and water lilies everywhere, but not so much today. I will do a post on that on the weekend.

For today I thought I would show you a couple of photos that were taken from the many other flowers that are there as well.

It is nice to see that they have lots of other ones that you can photograph as well. There were a lot of sunflowers, which was great. Couldn’t get very close to many of them, but it was good to see them. I really should think about planting some in my garden. They are such spectacular flowers. I need to find out when to plant them.

This is one that is about to flower.


Struman Optics

Recently I received some new lenses from Struman Optics for my phone. I have played around with their lenses for the last few years and always enjoy them.

I now have the Pixel 3 phone so I had to use the clip to put the lens on my phone. It was actually fine. I thought it might move around a bit, but it didn’t move at all. I have had Samsung phones before this and they had covers for them that the lenses screwed into. However, with this phone, no covers were available.

While at the gardens I thought I would try out the macro lens. You can get a lot closer to everything than you can without it. The following image was taken with it. I tried to see how close I could get with just the phone, and well, it was disappointing. So much better with the lens attached.


Just a quick post today. I will do a more detailed post on the gardens on the weekend. Enjoy your day.

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