Sometimes it isn’t worth getting out of bed

We all know that saying and really sometimes it is so true. That is how I felt on a trip into the city recently to take some photos.

It is one of those things when you go out to take photos, until you actually get out there you don’t know if it will be worth it.

Going into the Docklands

I’ve been going into the Docklands to take photos for so many years now. Though it is an area that is always being redeveloped so there are nearly always new buildings to photograph.

However, I think many of us have our favourites that we like to photograph over and over. The building I went in there to photograph is no different.

Corner of Collins Street and Bourke Street

There is a building there that is really popular with Melbourne photographers. I’ve photographed it a few times myself. On this morning it was the first place I headed.

Sadly it just wasn’t doing anything for me. I tried different angles, but I ended up giving up.

I did a video of it as well. I thought it would be good to show you where I was and what I was doing, as I usually do with my videos. So if you want to see more of that trip you can go to my YouTube channel, Leanne Cole – Photographer

Or you can click the following link which will take you to the latest one.

A morning in at the Docklands just after lockdown

It was just after we had come out of a tough lockdown. There were still a lot of restrictions in place, but we were allowed to move within 25kms of our homes. Masks were mandatory in all places except our homes.

Coming out of Lockdown

While things aren’t completely back to normal they are fairly good. Though Sydney is now in lockdown because of the Delta variant and we have been patiently waiting here hoping it wouldn’t come to Melbourne. Unfortunately, we got the news yesterday I think, that people from Sydney have come down and infected others. So I imagine we will be back in lockdown soon. Though, our state Premier will do it faster and make sure it has more of an effect than the NSW leader. She doesn’t seem to get how to do them so they don’t carry on forever.

On a quick note, we have finally been able to book in to get the vaccination and we will be receiving our first dose tomorrow.

My photo from the trip

I looked and looked at the photos I took that morning and none of them were really doing anything for me. None stood out.

However, when I started looking at the images for the video I started playing around with one of them. The image below is what I ended up with.

A couple of years ago I did a similar image of the Flat Iron building in New York and I always wanted to replicate it with buildings from here. I think this is the closest I’ve ever got to it.

Here is a link to that image,

Monochrome Wednesday – Flatiron in New York

If you look at the image in the header you can see what the area is like. It is quite busy.

Anyway, I will finish here. Take a look at the video and you can see more there. Take care everyone and keep safe.

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  1. Brilliant capture! Your feelings aren’t unusual. I think we all go through phases and now the Pandemic and lock-downs have us all on edge and searching. Searching. Keep doing what you do. You’re inspiring!

    1. Thank you Julie, yeah, I’ve been out with people taking photos and have had them say they weren’t feeling it. Lockdowns have certainly made it more of a challenge.

    2. Everyone responds to things differently. I saw it all the time when I was a Newborn ICU nurse. One parent would be so stressed and vigilant and the other detached. There is no right or wrong way to respond. The fact that you are aware of how it’s affecting you is healthy. Lean on people you trust. And talk about it. Sometimes putting words to feelings takes the power out of the feelings. Treat yourself kindly.
      You deserve it!

  2. So true! However, it’s well worth it when you come across one that turned out amazing (at least from my amateur, photography experience). πŸ˜‰
    However, from what I’ve seen of your photos, they are amazing! Thank you for sharing. Take Care, Kyra

  3. I find that when I go to the Wetlands, it’s not all that great. The annoying thing is that when I don’t go to the wetlands, it’s a great, vivid sunrise and I can see only part of it from the front of the house and I walk inside muttering “it would be great down at the Wetlands this morning”..

    1. You sound like me. When I go out for a sunrise it very rarely great, I am nearly always disappointed. You just never know.

  4. Your photograph of the building is fantastic. It really captures the form, symmetry and architectural details. I know what you mean about some days of creative pursuits not proving to be worth the investment of creative energy or time. Some days I sit down at my art table to draw and I produce nothing remotely of merit because I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind or was not feeling particularly inspired. Essentially no mojo. I try to frame it as creative mishaps still being learning opportunities but mostly I just get frustrated by the waste of time.

    1. Thank you Laura. I guess it is where that saying about staring at a blank canvas comes from. I try to do the same, I still take photos, but I may not take as many as I might otherwise.

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