Starting Challenges


Recently someone from my Fine Art group spoke about how they were lacking motivation. The fix for this seemed to be starting challenges. So we all decided that we would take a photo a day and share in the group.

Starting Challenges

Then I started hearing from others how they were feeling unmotivated. With the new mail server I have, it seemed like a good opportunity to test out doing a series of emails to see who would get what and if it would work. I thought a 30 Day Photo Challenge could be a good start.

30 Day Photo Challenge

I have set it all up now and if you want to join in you can. It can be started at any time, and is free. You just follow the emails to sign up and then each day, I hope, you will get an email telling you what the challenge is for that day.

A Facebook group was started for people who want to share what they take, but it can also be a personal one too. You don’t have to be part of the group, that is up to you. You can post them on your blog, or nowhere, your choice.

If you would like to do the 30 Day Challenge, then follow this link.

Nothing will be done with your email addresses. It won’t automatically mean you are signed up to my other emails.

If you do it, I hope you have fun with it and if you are lacking motivation, then I hope it helps.

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