Sunday floral offerings – Looking forward to a blooming garden

Today’s photos are from my early macro images. I’ve had a macro lens now for over 6 years and it is still one of my favourite types of photography.

During the pandemic, I was able to photograph my flowers and food that I made. It made lockdown a lot easier for.

I have carried this on. I think it gave me the drive to get out into my garden and give me things to photograph. I’m still taking photos of what I see out there.

So today I have some photos that were taken back in 2016. Don’t forget to click on them to get a larger view.

There was a time I was telling you here on this blog about my garden and what I was doing around the house, but I never felt comfortable doing that. This blog was always meant for photography.

I know there are people who want to hear more about my garden and what we are doing here to make our house more environmentally friendly so I have started another blog. It is WordPress one and you can find it here.

Gardening in Melbourne

There is only one post there so far, but I will be updating weekly I hope. If you are interested in that, please check it out. this blog will go back to being just about photography for the time being.

Have a happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. These are really gorgeous photos, Leanne. Also, thank you for checking out my blog/website!

  2. Your flowers are dreamy, Leanne. I love the way you’ve developed them. You have such a unique style. πŸ™‚

  3. Love these shots Leanne, especially the second one. So good to see your images again. Very special.

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