Weekend Wanderings: Night Photos in Melbourne

The other night I had a One on One Photography Session with a lovely woman. She already knew how to take photos, but she wanted to spend some time learning about long exposures and seeing how I take photos. I am finding more and more people want me to teach them this type of photography. I am, as always, happy to oblige.

We spent some time doing the long exposures, working out times and such. Then the sun started to go down. We found ourselves down in the Docklands at the Webb Bridge. I love it there, you can get some amazing images if it isn’t too windy and the water is calm enough.

It was overcast and I love the way the city lights bounce off the clouds. Most of the images are around one minute. No filters were used, just long exposures. I think my student had a good time and hopefully will feel more confident doing long exposures from now on. I hope you enjoy the photos.

[envira-gallery id=”3034″]

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  1. Leanne, great captures. The colours are vivid but not over-saturated in any way. The water is so calm and smooth in all these shots – I have to think this is technique over nature, but perhaps you picked the right weather conditions. When I get back to OZ I will have to spend some tutorial time with you to get a better understanding of how you achieve such spectacular results. Thanks for these lovely photos.

    1. Thank you Don, it was the longer exposures, something I will have to try again. I do love night photography like this, it is quite amazing. I think you will get similar shots to this most of the time, the overcast sky helped a little, but if it is clear, you get something else. We can talk. Thanks again Don, especially for the support, I do appreciate it.

    1. a good start…. lasting long enough to get such great quality.
      yup. nearly Perfect!!! and, … boy, so much better than 40+ degrees.

    2. amen to That!!
      even though it did start to rain on you, those photos…. More than made up for it. You got some Good Ones Leanne!

    1. Isn’t that the truth. Say I have a major problem. I had a new MOJO premium theme installed, and my site has all but disappeared. Any suggestions?

    2. I know you said not to worry about it, but you should be able to get your theme working. Have you set up menus and such. If you don’t do the menus then nothing appears.

    3. I did set up all my menus, and I thought that would fix the problem, but the white screen still said they had not been fixed after I saved and refreshed it the menu page . Good to know that the menu page is sort of the culprit, though. I went through all the general settings and set things up.

    4. I know I should, but since everything disappeared when it was running, I’m a little nervous about reinstalling it. I’m going to contact MOJO first and see what’s going on. Thanks so much for caring, Leanne. You are a dear. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow you got so many amazing images … I am green with envy now 😘😘

  3. I love your work Leanne! Easily some of the finest I see in all of the photo sites I subscribe to. ❀️

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