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Over on Visual Venturing Stacy has started a new series of posts where you show the original image and then the after, so people can see what you have done.  Someone asked me to do this for this image I think it was.  So here is the before image. before-building-skyscrapers-melbourne I saw this in the city a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a One on One with a client.  We went exploring old parts of the city.  I liked the juxtaposition of the old building in front of the newer skyscrapers. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off it, then I started playing with it. old-buildings-skyscrapers-closingin-melbourne This is what I ended up with.  I put in a new sky, so it wouldn’t be white and yuck.  I also played with the colours quite a bit.  You can see that I got rid of the horrible  power line cutting across the image.  I also played with the light.  I am trying to do some things that resemble some movies, I like the colours that they use in them, so I have been trying to work out how to replicate that effect  So blues and yellows.  I did desaturate it a little, but not a lot.  I also tried blurring some aspects of it.

I think that is what I was meant to do, I should have recorded what I did with a video, but didn’t quite make it.  I didn’t think I would do so much on this image.  Just goes to show, you never know.  I put this image up on Google+ and it received one of the best receptions, actually the best, I’ve ever got with an image from there.  If you haven’t checked out Google+ you should, there is some amazing work going on over there, I get so much inspiration from the images there.

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This morning I put the following image onto my main blog and I did a video to go with it.  Though the video didn’t work out, and I had to redo it, so the image I want to show you here is different.  It is so hard to get it to work exactly the same.

window-girl-old-building-cityI did the image so people could respond to it with words, poems, stories.  I haven’t seen any yet, however some words have been written on the image in Facebook.  It seems to have got more attention by everyone there.

I am going to put the video here for you guys to look at, hopefully I can actually put the video on here.

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