Taking a Look at Another Image While Being Processed

This morning I put the following image onto my main blog and I did a video to go with it.  Though the video didn’t work out, and I had to redo it, so the image I want to show you here is different.  It is so hard to get it to work exactly the same.

window-girl-old-building-cityI did the image so people could respond to it with words, poems, stories.  I haven’t seen any yet, however some words have been written on the image in Facebook.  It seems to have got more attention by everyone there.

I am going to put the video here for you guys to look at, hopefully I can actually put the video on here.

If you want to respond to the image, leave your links at Inspiring Quiet Thursdays.

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    1. Thank you Anne, I’m trying to see if I can do this more. At the moment it is a bit of a headache, but hopefully as I get better at it, it will be easier to do. Great you liked it.

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