Taking my mum on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road

I told you I would tell you more about the photos from yesterday, so last week part of the reason I didn’t blog was because I took my mum down to the Great Ocean Road.

You see, my mum has seen that I go down there a lot, and have taken other people. She started getting shirty with me because she had never been there. Each year I would say I would take her, but she always came down at Christmas. That means summer and that means tons and tons of people.

I decided that what we should do is plan a trip in winter and she should come down then. We planned on a couple of days down there and that’s what we did last week.

We drove to Angelsea and started there. On the first day, we stopped at all the interesting spots on the way to Port Campbell. Then the next day we did all the touristy spots around there. On our last day we took a drive to Cape Otway on the way home.

I might do a more detailed post on this trip and similar trips in the future. Maybe help plan a trip down there. Include things like the best times to take photos and such.

Anyway here are a few photos of the trip. The beginning of many I think. Now all these photos were taken with the Tamron 11-20mm lens which has just been released for Fuifilm. It was fun trying it out.

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    1. It is a great drive along there. Yeah, I think she did, she isn’t one to show emotion much, but I am sure she liked it. Thank you Julie.

  1. I’m glad that you spent some quality time with your mum, so important, Leanne! The new lens did a beautiful job for you! Very beautiful photos. ❤️🇦🇺😊

    1. Thank you John, it was good to get away with her. We travel well together. I am pretty happy with that lens, I think it did a great job too.

    1. Thank you Anne, we did have a good time. It was lovely. I thought a lot of you guys and our trip there. Have to admit my fitness level made this trip really nice.

  2. I know that feeling of not wanting to go anywhere during the summer. Colorado Springs becomes constipated from Memorial Day to Labor (or Labour) Day… overrun by tourists who bought cars without accelerators or turn signals. :/

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