Tasmania – A Tree on a Rock


Tasmania – A Tree on a Rock

One of the main reasons I wanted to come to the east coast of Tasmania was to photograph a tree on a rock, seriously. There is a tree that grows from a rock in Binalong Bay and I’m sure it has been photographed thousands of times, but it didn’t matter, I still wanted to do.

The first thing to do when we got there was to find the tree. Google maps is pretty good, but for something like a tree on a rock, it can be hard. I narrowed it down to where I thought it would be, but when I got there the reality was all very different.

We were in Binalong Bay for two days so I knew i had two chances to get the tree. On the first morning we went down more to investigate and, as we thought might happen, we had trouble finding it. Thankfully there were a heap of photographers packing up, and I knew they had been there to photograph it so I asked. They were very helpful. Not long after that I was standing before the tree. Β The sun had come up too much and would be in my images so I left it with the plan to return for the sunrise the following morning.

You can see the image I got the next day. We had a bit of a sunrise, so there was some colour in the colour. I did do some long exposures and this is one of them. I used my Formatt Hitech 10 stop ND filter for around 2 minutes on this one.

I took many photos that morning, but as it is with travelling, not enough time to process, but hoping that will change when I get home, well it will. I hope you like my vision of the tree on a rock in Binalong Bay.


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  1. Hello, Leanne, I shared this photo on my Facebook page, Tasmania Stories and it is getting lots of praise. Please have a look. https://www.facebook.com/tasmaniastories/
    Congratulations. People seem to agree it is the best they’ve seen.

    • I just saw it Joanna, thank you so much for letting me know. So happy to hear that people are liking it. I loved it there, I will have to go back another time.

  2. Beautiful Leanne. I love trees, especially lone trees.

  3. Stunning! This image totally leaps off the screen in the Reader. Great job. The rock looks like it has veins in it. The color is gorgeous, the tree beautiful, and I love the silky water.

  4. Leanne, what’s not to like? The problem is that you’ve ruined it now for the rest of us. Why should I bother ever taking another photo of it? No one could compete with what you have here! πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah , I get the motivation. Worth the trip even if this is the only image you come back with.

    • Absolutely, it has been a funny trip, I haven’t really got a lot of photos, hasn’t really seemed that kind of trip, perhaps the back injury before I came has dampened it. Thanks Robert.

  6. Beautiful image, my friend. πŸ™‚

  7. This image is stunning, Leanne. I think it’s one of your strongest landscapes. There was a lone, isolated tree in Scotland that people used to travel to photograph and all were bereft when a storm felled the tree.

    • Thank you Laura, I think you might be right, I definitely think it is one of my best. It’s funny how we photographers will do that, travel just for a tree, whether it is on a rock or in water. I think I would have been upset too, especially if I hadn’t go there.

  8. That looks like a perfect oil painting. You should print it on canvas. It is wonderful.

  9. Love it! The colours on the rock are as fascinating as that lone tree in the rock.

  10. The light, textures and colors a beautiful image!

  11. Love the l’image, Leanne – moody, but still has colour and light. Very nice.

  12. Lynette

    Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Leanne, this tree may have been photographed (perhaps even painted) a thousand times, but your picture is still unique and beautiful.

  14. As I said before, Leanne – this is amongst your very best. I would be thrilled to get results like this – well done my friend!

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