The Canola is out but it isn’t public

The Canola is out, but it isn't public

In the countryside right now you can find canola fields everywhere, but it is important to remember that they aren’t on public land.

The Canola is out but it isn’t public

There is no doubt that canola is beautiful to photograph. There are a lot of photographers out there who want to take photos of it. Who can blame them, but the thing that drives me nuts is that they think it is okay to go into those fields to take their photos.

If you look around you can take photos without having to go onto some farmers personal property. Besides the fact that it is trespassing, you are also destroying their livelihood. Farmers have a hard enough time as it is in this country trying to make a living. They really do and the last thing they need is to have photographers who think they can do what they like making it even harder.

The Canola is out but it isn't public

With the image above I spent a bit of time walking up and down the fence to get this. I was able to get it from lots of different angles. The plus was that I didn’t have to go onto the property.

The other thing you need to be wary of is what you can tramp in there as well. What if you have something on your shoes?

Always consider the effects you have on others when you are taking photos. You might think it is harmless, but it isn’t.

Stay out of the canola and get your photos from behind the fence.

Here is another image of the canola, but it was taken with the infrared camera.

The Canola is out but it isn't public

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  1. I totally agree with you Leanne you can shoot from behind the fences and still get great shots. It is also a good challenge.

  2. We have the same problem here, especially with the sunflowers. People just love to get into the fields for selfies or professional photos. It’s all about respect!

    1. I’ve heard the same about the sunflowers, it is incredible that people don’t think, or don’t care. Yes, respect is definitely a problem.
      Thank you Anne.

  3. One thing you didn’t mention … it’s pretty well impenetrable, anyway! I d=know this, because I once had to go in to recover a part that had fallen from an overflying aircraft. The farmer had to clear a path with a brush-cutter so I could reach it. (he was, of course, compensated!)

    1. People seem to manage to get into the crops, maybe they don’t go in very far. There are images all over Instagram with people in the middle of it. I know it stinks. So glad you did the right thing and got permission and he helped you.

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