The Easter Break – Photos of a bridge

I’m sure many of you are expecting the continuation of my photography journey but with Easter upon us I have decided to take a small break over the next few days.

So instead of doing my normal posts, I have been trolling through my archives to find photos for you to look at. These will all be from my past, so I  guess they will give you an idea of the last 13 years of my photography. I am going to post over the weekend, but they will all be posts like this. I will be back for real on Wednesday for Monochrome Madness.

If you celebrate Easter I hope you have a good time. If you don’t then I hope you enjoy the time off if you have it off. We don’t celebrate Easter, beyond chocolate eggs, but we do enjoy the time off.

Here are a heap of photos of the Evan Walker bridge in the city of Melbourne. I have photographed it a lot.

Happy Easter.

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    1. I wish you, with a warm heart, that you have all the simplicity and happiness that you want wherever you are.

      Thank you for sharing the images.

  1. I love how you make the very real look unreal, it highlights the unique destinations, and highlights the natural beauty in your photography. It looks like you insert the glimmer of the eye into the photo.

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