The first few days in Tasmania

The first few days in Tasmania

Tasmania has been beautiful, unfortunately. I know that is a strange thing to say, but it is true. There have been almost no clouds and it has been driving me mad. We have been seeing a lot of blue skies and they make different images.

One thing that has been good is that the weather has been perfect for infrared, really what has saved me. I have used that camera a lot, though I’m not going to show you any of those ones today.

I did have a stumble yesterday as I was stepping over some fallen trees. I have hurt my left knee and think I may have fractured my little finger on my right hand. The bruising on my little finger is looking impressive, and the swelling is amazing. I don’t think the skin would let it go any bigger. Still you have to laugh. I do remember falling and thinking, I have to save the camera, which I managed to do.

I have a small selection for you and I will add where they are underneath. I will try and get more photos for you over the next week or so, though the internet is limited. The rocks really are that colour.

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  1. So glad you’re healing and the camera was fine too! I love that first shot of the spray. Lovely. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Glad you saved the camera .. phew. Hope that hand heals in a hurry ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So sorry to hear of your misfortune, but happy healing to you Leanne. A beautiful set of images as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. And glad you saved camera but hoping you heal fast

  5. A part of the world I may never see…. in person Thanks Leanne.

  6. Lovely shots, Leanne. And to think they have named a bay after you, WOW!

  7. Always save the camera! Hope you get better and can enjoy the visit. Go IR wild.

  8. Cloudy skies are so much easier to process. All that blue sky. It makes lovely pictures, but hard work for the photographer ๐Ÿ™‚ I took a fall the other day too, Two swollen (but not broken) finger, one per hand. A banged up knee. Not so bad, all things considered.

    Take care of yourself!

    • I agree Marilyn, give me an overcast day any time over a blue sky.
      I’m sorry to hear you had a fall too, I hope you recover quickly. I’m basically good now, still a bit of bruising on my finger, but it is almost back to normal. Thanks Marilyn.

  9. Beautiful cloudless images! I’m used to shooting without clouds now. I go to Yosemite and no clouds, I travel a few hours away on a day shoot and no clouds! I’m used to shooting low to show less sky. Hope your knee and finger heal fast and you continue to enjoy your vacation.

    • I hate it when there are no clouds, I’m starting to get out the infrared camera when that happens. That is great that you have worked out what to do when you don’t get the skies you want. I need to start working on that. Thank you Anne.

  10. loving the photos, can’t wait to visit in December! walking wounded sacrificing the body for the camera, not at all surprised! keep icing the finger, especially at the end of the day, our outing if you can, it will help the recovery. have you been doing some long exposure as well?

    • You will love Janice, it is quite spectacular. It is all coming good now and while my finger bruised rather well it is all fading now.I hardly notice it now. Yes, I’ve been out a few times to do some long exposures, but haven’t really had the time yet to process any. Thank you Janice.

  11. So sorry you took a tumble, Leanne…hope you get back to right quickly!

  12. Yay for the camera, but be careful, Leanne. The photos are beautiful!

  13. Oh no. Sorry to read about your injuries. i hope you heal quickly. Love the photos. Those rust coloured rocks against the blue skies look great.

    • Thank you Laura, I do mend rather quickly and I’m happy to say I seem to have almost recovered completely.Oh yes, the orange is incredible, I’ve really enjoyed seeing them. Apparently it is some sort of lichen.

  14. I know that feeling – ‘my kingdom for a cloud.’ Get some rest and mend. Beautiful images. Looking forward to the IR.

  15. Gorgeous. My sister goes there a lot. Love to see it some day.

  16. Isn’t the orange lichen on the granite boulders amazing! Nice to see a few photos… shame about your fall. Sounds painful ๐Ÿ˜–

  17. Beautiful images , even if not quite what you wanted. Hope you went got that finger seen to. Good that you saved the camera though!

    • Thank you RJ, I haven’t had the finger looked at, I put it into ice straight away and then strapped it, it is already feeling better, which is great. Yes, I’m so glad too, it is insured, but I didn’t want to be without this while I’m away.

  18. Oh dear, what a drama. I’m pleased you managed to protect your camera, but I hope your finger and knee heal fast.

    • It was a bit, didn’t help that I really hurt my back the day before we left, so I’m the walking wounded, lol. It is all getting better and I’m not doing anything silly. Thank you Carol.

  19. It doesn’t sound strange at all. These are stunning images, no doubts. But clouds make the most dramatic, contrasting photos, if that is what you meant. Enjoy there!

  20. nice collage and feature photo – the batman bridge is my fav of this post – lovely place for sure… ๐Ÿ™‚

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