Travelling to Tasmania – Gear and blogging

Last week I asked about blogging while Tasmania. It is something I like to do, but as many of you pointed out it isn’t always possible. So I have been thinking.

I wondered about using photos from my phone during times when I don’t have a lot of time. As I said some posts might just be a photo and that is it. So I have decided I will attempt to do each day and see how I go.

When I am away I like to blog because it is also my own journal of my trip. Some people write in a journal about each day, I blog.

Be prepared to hear from me while I’m away.

As I often get, I have a new camera and lens to try out this trip, plus some filters.

Firstly the camera.

I am going to be trying out the Fujifilm X-T5. I’ve been hearing good things about this camera and I’m excited to be using it as my main camera for my trip. I will let you know what I think of it.

I was also loaned a new lens to try out. It is the Fujifilm XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR, I had no idea that this lens existed before. I have it because I will be in Tasmania around the time of the New Moon so I want to be able to photograph the milky way with a good lens. I am hoping this one will be perfect for it.

There will be some new filters in my kit too. I have a set of filters from OKKO to test out and then I have all my new filters from Formatt Hitech as well. Going to be fun working out what to use.

One of the main reasons for this trip was to photograph rainforests so we are going to be concentrating our stay in the north west corner of Tasmania. We are staying in a few places, but I really want to get lots of photos of the forests there.

One thing that I love about Fujifilm is how it is easier to take photos in low light than with the Nikon. The last time I went I was still using the Nikon D800 and this time I will be using the Fujifilm system. It is going to be great to use it for this trip.

We are catching the Spirit of Tasmania on Wednesday and will arrive at dawn the following day. I love catching the ferry there, it all becomes part of the experience. Then we drive off and the adventure will really begin.

So I hope you will follow along on my trip as I show you what Tasmania has to offer. I can’t wait.

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    1. So far I have loved it Julie, not sure I think it is worth buying over my t3, but it has been great to try out. Thank you, we have had a great time.

  1. Oh, you’ve got me so jealous Leanne. I would like an XT5 so I’m anxious to see your review. And I also want to see your pictures of the rainforests. I’ll be seeing Tasmania through your lens. Have a great trip.

    1. I think I would like one too, not sure I will get my wish though. I am keen to try it out. I can’t wait to see the rainforests. I hope you enjoy my trip virtually Anne. Thank you.

  2. I use photos from my iPhone 15 often on the blog but it’s not the same as the Nikon… I would enjoy that long boat ride to Tasmania, it must be a few hundred miles?

    1. No not the same, but will do in a pinch I think. I don’t actually know how far it is John, but takes almost 12 hours to get there. Thank you.

    2. No, definitely not that far John, according to Google maps it is about 568 kms, so around 350 miles. Maybe your map thought Melbourne Florida, rather than Melbourne in Australia.

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