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Everyone you talk to about this is going to have a different opinion on  the matter. Some people hate going out with others, some love it. Some people don’t really enjoy excursions on their own. Whatever the situation we have preferences and many do like to go out with friends or in groups with other people. There are pros and cons to everything  you choose. Today I though we could look at going out in groups or with friends.


What I don’t like

I like going out with others, it is a personal thing and part of it, I suspect, is because I spend so much time on my own working at home, that I enjoy the company when I do. For that reason I am quite picky who I will go out with, and when I go if the trip wasn’t enjoyable then I won’t go with that person again.

If that person makes me stand around waiting for them for too long, then it is a waste of time for me. If I get asked too many questions and the person is basically wanting a free lesson, then I am teaching and don’t get what I want. If people wander off and I have no idea where they are all the time, then there is no point going out with them, I may as well be on my own.

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but in general I don’t want to have to do any of those. I do have some friends who are the exception, and they bring with them other qualities. For example, I have one friend who does take more time to take photos than I do, but I have found that it pushes me to look for more. She is a regular photography friend for me, so it is never really an issue. I also know if I want more time she will gladly wait for me.


A good photography buddy is someone who . . .

  • Takes photos at the same pace as you. While you might wait for one another, it isn’t for long.
  • Considers what you want to take, and when you go out you both make sure you get what you were both after.
  • Doesn’t tell you what you should be doing or not doing.
  • Is good company and you enjoy being with.
  • Will inspire you as well.
  • Is encouraging.

They are the main points for me, but I am sure each person has there own. I have had quite a few people that I have gone out with over the years. Some of them only once, others many times.

What about you, do you have someone special you like to go out with? Do you prefer to go out on your own, and if yes why? What do think is important when you go out with someone to take photos?



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  1. I like having someone with me for safety and I also like the companionship. I’d like to go with a big photography group to Yosemite, a tour, but it’s a tad out of my price range.

    I love the photos. The feature image is really beautiful.

    Great topic. Thanks for going over this so I can try to be a better buddy when I do get to go out with friends.

    1. I’m the same, definitely the companionship stuff, I like that a lot. A tour like that would be amazing, I would love to as well, but I have buckley’s chance at this stage.
      Thank you Nicci. You’re welcome glad it helped.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always, Leanne! Your website is wonderful to see. 🙂 My favorite photo trips are with my mother and daughter. We may not get the most inspiring shots, but we have such a fun time together! They are patient with me, too, since I’m usually the slowest one — trying some strange angle or new camera setting.

    1. Thank you so much. Sounds like great outings then. I think it is important that you enjoy it and it sounds like you do. My family are a bit the same when I go with them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Two people I love taking pics with ..you Leanne and my friend Dallas! Hope I was bearable 😃

    1. Oh, thank you Julie, that’s wonderful to hear. You were great, I loved going out with you, wish we could do it more, can’t wait for next time.

  4. Hi Leanne. Going with another or others is social for me so any photos are just a part of the mix. I like some social shoots but i like to shoot alone most times. Sometimes i sit and wait for something to develop, the light to change, like that. I think they are two different circumstances and i think and act differently for each.

    1. I need to get better at going out on my own, I usually find it too lonely, i need to get over myself haha. I get what you mean, thank you for sharing that Robert, good to know.

  5. I agree with the points you’ve made. The only times I’ve been out in company taking photographs have been with fellow bloggers. Most of my friends (husband included 🙂 ) just regard my taking photos as a mild annoyance. I do understand. 🙂

  6. My favorite shooting buddy is my husband. He goes and does his thing while I do mine. We look around, make sure the other is okay and when we’ve both had enough, we meet in the parking lot. We don’t chat unless someone needs a battery or some kind of fix. I’m the fixer, but Garry usually carries the batteries.

    I generally don’t like groups. More than two people gets unwieldy. Or so I think. I’m a bit shocked at the whole “drink and shoot” partying thing. Not my kind of gig.

    1. YOu are so lucky Marilyn, my husband Dave just isn’t interested in photography at all. Oh well, I have found other people to go out with.
      I am the same, if I go out with people I like them to be small groups. Thank you for sharing that Marilyn.

  7. I’ve never actively thought about taking pictures (photography) with other people. I guess it would be just as much fun as bird watching with a group. You are pursuing the same subject but capture (with binoculars or cameras) your own perspective.

    I think this might be a fun Thanksgiving project for me and my family. Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. I think that is it exactly, going out with a group of like minded people, it is always good Akwelle. I hope you can do it and have some fun too. Thank you.

  8. You make some good points about what to look for in a shooting companion…for me, if we are out doing a focused shoot (IE: the same known subject, like an abandoned building) then I enjoy working with someone. However, if there is no one subject to be had and I am just looking for something to shoot, I find a partner can be a bit of a distraction. There are exceptions, but this is my general view of what works for me.

    1. It is funny how we all work in different ways. I get what you are talking about as well, Though I enjoyed our chats when we went out together, I hope we get to do it again some time. Thanks Robert for sharing your experiences.

  9. This is an interesting topic. Generally I prefer to go out on my own – but – recently met up with a new photography friend where we like each others work and just had a nice outing that we both enjoyed. We both shot at our own pace and we both shot to our own styles – not pushing for time – just a nice time out. We are planning another outing. 🙂 Great photos Leanne!

    1. Glad to hear you like it Debby. I think if you can find another photographer to go with who suits the way you take photos, you can never regret it. You have so much to talk about and understand what each other is trying to do. I have a couple of people that are great to go out with because of those reasons. That is great that you found someone, I hope it works out and you enjoy going out together often. Thanks for sharing that Debby.

  10. I tend to go alone because i am a bit of a wanderer.. but i must say haven’t really tried it. A few times i did and that was good fun, though it was more about the socializing than the photographing.

    I’d love to go out with a photographer whom i think is very good. Not so much for the free lesson you mention, but to see how he/she works. Perhaps one day.. 🙂

    1. I think for me that taking the photos is like my socialising for the week, so it is a bit of both.

      I get people who want to do that with me, just to watch what I do and how I go. I hope you get to do it one day too Pieter. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I liked the broken bridge (?). I haven’t done too much of photography with others, but the best experiences have been when there was one other photographer around. More than that doesn’t seem to work for me.

    1. That’s great, I like that broken bridge too. It is good that way too, I don’t like going out in groups, too many people really. I like going with one other, sometimes two others. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  12. Actually, I am loner, when it comes to photopgraphy. If I happen to take photographs with people being around (usually it is my sweetheart), he is hard pushed to wait, until I am finished. I tend to ferget everything around me while looking through the lens.

    1. You wouldn’t be alone there, there are lots that prefer to go on their own. I think if you go somewhere it is better to go with other photographers, there doesn’t seem as much pressure. I always feel pressure to hurry when my family come with me. It is very easy to do. Thanks for sharing lyart.

  13. Whether I am alone or with other people I do not go out without my camera, so if I see something worth photographing I will get the picture.

    1. I do, my camera is too heavy to always have it with me, then again my phone has a fairly good camera and if need be, it does the job. Thanks for that Thomas.

  14. Leanne, I enjoy going out to shoot with others. We have a wonderful group where the professionals don’t mind helping out and teaching. I’ve been on both sides. It’s great to help a newbie, and it’s great to gain more information. Yes, when a new photographer asks so many questions or needs help so much that you can’t get your own shots done, that’s a problem. I also enjoy the friendships that develop and the fun when two or more photographers get together. I don’t mind going out on my own, but companionship is nice.

    1. It is great when you find a good group to go out with. I feel the same. I have a few people that I go out with which is great. Though there isn’t really any teaching as such. I like the friendships and it is always a good day when out with good friends. Thanks Anne for sharing your experiences.

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