Floral Friday – There is a good reason

Floral Friday - There is a good reason

There is a good reason why floral Friday is late, and that would be that I don’t have a lot of access to my computer at the moment.

Yes, Dave is one of those lucky ones that can work from home and has chosen to do that. He has set himself up on my desk and plugging his laptop into my monitor. Or is that my monitor into his laptop. You get my drift, right! So I am trying to find other ways to entertain myself.

We have made the decision to self isolate as much as we can. So the only time I will be leaving the house is if I have to go to the supermarket. We didn’t do what a lot of crazy people did and no panic buying for us. Though I have to admit I’m trying to keep ahead, just in case it gets to a point where I can’t get some things, but after a quick trip yesterday I’m feeling better. My local supermarket seems to have enough of most things that we will get by.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking. I’m also freezing a lot of stuff. When I can I’m also taking photos of what I’m cooking.

However, after a visit to Country Dahlias last weekend I’m thinking of getting out some pastels and watercolours. Creating images in a different way. I might even see if I can learn how to do it with my Wacom Tablet.

Country Dahlias was lovely, but let’s face it, I won’t be going out at all for a while. This may be a bit extreme, but I need to protect myself and my husband. He catches everything and comes down hard. I did take a lot of photos while I was there and I have a few for you here.

Keep healthy everyone and don’t take any unnecessary chances.

Floral Friday – There is a good reason

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    1. Thank you Julie, yeah, I get the monitor back after he finishes for the day thank goodness. Your PM is doing an amazing job, ours could learn a lot from her. You stay healthy too.

  1. Hi Leanne ,
    Totally understand ! We are doing pretty much the same and once I’ve gathered myself together and sorted a few things I’ll be getting my paints out more too ..great therapy in switching off and working in a different direction . You’ll have lots of choices of floral images particularly which could be brilliant to use for inspiration for your art 😉 Home baking is very comforting from many angles Lol infact for no real reason except I fancied doing it I baked a Victoria Sponge for the first time forever yesterday 🙂 Keep safe and look forward to seeing your results of your endeavors x

    1. Hello Poppytump, I think it is a great time to explore other things. I have to admit I’m really enjoying myself. Yes, the flowers, I have thought about doing some of those too. I have to admit I am loving the baking and taking photos of it, I have never made a Victoria Sponge, how did it come out. You keep safe too, thank you.

    2. All good … I won’t tell you how many calories per slice .. but these are challenging times 😉

  2. All your flower photographs are beautiful but the one that attracts me most is the yellow Dahlia. A little sunshine perhaps? We do have the sun out here at present, which is a change from all the cloud and rain, so that helps. I had a Wacom Tablet but it doesn’t work with Windows 10. Good to learn new things.

    1. I love the big yellow one too, I have ordered the tuber for it so next season I can grow it in may garden. I like that about the sunshine. We have been getting a lot of sun. I don’t know why the tablet wouldn’t work with Windows 10, strange. Thank you RJ

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