Weekend Wanderings: A Fashion Shoot

Last weekend I did something that I have sort of done before, but not really. I did a fashion shoot. I’ve done some of my own, but quite a few years ago. This was completely different as I was just the photographer.

My friend Yvette is studying Visual Merchandising and she had to put together a fashion shoot for one of her assignments. She had to find her own photographer, me as it turned out, then she had to find a model, and a hair and make up stylist. She had to work out what the model would wear and then source all the clothing. On top of that she had to work out where the photos would be taken.

She talked to me a lot, and I listened. On the day I met her first and I hope I helped to calm her nervous. I did come very early and I think I could have met her a bit later.

The hair and make up took a lot longer than I thought it would. Let’s face it I don’t really wear make up, so I had no idea. I had to sit around and wait for them to finish. Though, it was interesting watching the model being transformed into Yvette’s styling.

I did go outside and take some photos as I waited. This is the other side of the Exhibition Centre, but it is reflected in the glass. It was a funny day. It started off very overcast, but as the day went on it got better and better. Not that you want strong sunlight for a fashion shoot. It was fun to get some shots.

Here is a Yvette giving directions to the model and hair stylist. It was an interesting process to watch.

The model is dressed in one of the outfits and getting the final touches to her hair. We were just about ready to head to where the shoot was going to take place.

It was my time to work. We went to a spot where Yvette had decided she wanted to take the photos. Unfortunately it was really windy and we had trouble with the skirt. It kept being blown into her legs. It was one thing, among many things that Yvette learned that day. Still, it was a lot of fun.

Here is one of my favourite images that I took.

It was a great day and I was so happy I could help my friend with her school project. I really hope she gets a good mark.

I have the above photos and some more to show you. I will put them into a gallery for you.

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  1. Looks like a great time and fun – though work. I love your last shot here – the background works fabulous with the wind – her skirt – beautiful shot!

  2. The candids tell the story; I’d no idea how complex a fashion shoot can be. The final result is stunning. Best wishes for your friends project.

  3. Great shot with the wind action. Actually, you were lucky to have the wind, even though it was a pain top work with. It provided a strong element of interest to the overall image, a sense of action, something going on. The other strong feature was the highlighting on the edge of the skirt which brought the viewer’s eye to the product itself, making it really attractive which is the whole purpose of a fashion shoot. Without the highlight and the billowing action, the dress would look like a heavy piece of cloth on a hanger. If your friend doesn’t get a good grade on this, it won’t be because of the photograph;-) Very nicely done!

    1. There were two problems with the wind Robin, one, it was too strong and also kept messing up her hair. I think if the skirt was a little thicker, so it still moved, but not clinged to her it would have been better. The image that I liked best, I had to try and take the skirt from another image because it looked terrible in the image with the pose that we wanted to use. Thank you Robin, I hope she does.

  4. This just shows how multi-talented you are. The shot you like best is definitely the strongest. It’s the quirkier angles to the pose and the way the wind is lifting the skirt. You’ve handled the lighting conditions beautifully as the clothing colours are still deep while the flesh tones glow.

    1. Thank you Laura, I guess I will have a go at anything.That’s great to hear. I don’t think I will be doing a lot of this.

  5. This sounded like a great weekend, and glad the session turned out well. That shot you love, I love too. Such class, grace and edge in that shot all together. That lift of the skirt was also a very nice touch. I’m guessing it was the wind. Very versatile with the camera there, Leanne. It is lovely to see that you helped your friend with her project. I think if we all work together, each of us will achieve in our own individual way, especially if it has got to do with something creative. Good luck to her and her assignment 🙂

    1. It was Mabel, It is nice to do something a little different.That’s great to hear, I had to change a few things, but it turned out well and I think Yvette likes it as well. Yes, it was the wind. Yes, I couldn’t say no really, well I didn’t want to. I will pass that on Mabel, thank you.

  6. I think the wind blowing the skirt is great. It probably was a pain to shoot at times but the movement looks intentional.

    1. Thank you Marie, it worked for these, but many we couldn’t really use. It was a real pain really, but you do what you can.

  7. Your favourite shot is indeed the best. I assume that the focus was on the whole outfit and in that regard she had the wrong shirt. Honestly (and really; I don’t have a sick mindset); the first thing I saw was the bra….. ;). The wind gives a nice touch to the picture.

    1. I had nothing to do with what she was wearing, and it was the look that the stylist was going for, I think tops like that are pretty common these days. The model loved it and wanted it. Thanks Herman.

    1. It was, though all I had to do was press the button, so it was fairly easy. Very different for me these days.
      Thanks Chris.

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