Exploring New Images – Melbourne Experiments

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Today I thought it might be interesting to look at some images. It is something I have missed doing. I hope you have missed them as well. Today we are going to look at two new images. I’ve been exploring some of my Melbourne images and seeing what experiments I can do with them.

Exploring New Images – Melbourne Experiments

For those of you who have been following me for some time will know how much I love Melbourne. It has provided me with a lot of content over the years. I have to admit that at times I do get sick of photographing some places. Though that is usually only for a short time. I do get over it.

As such, I have thousands of photos of my beautiful city. I haven’t been getting out much to take photos, but with so many other photos I’m not short on images to work on.

Today I thought I would show you a couple of images that were taken relatively recently. One I have already shown, but the other I have only just stopped working on.

Along the River


I was in the city to do a one on one photography lesson for someone and we decided to do some long exposure photography. It is always interesting with this type of photography because you never really know what you will get until the image is taken. When I first saw the images I was shocked to see that the clouds were going in lots of different directions. It is not something that you see very often.

Whenever you are taking photos you have to make decisions about what will be the most dominant thing in the image. When you get clouds whirling around over the city like this the decision is an easy one.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with colours in images and seeing what is possible. In the past, I’ve worked on an image and then just posted it straight away, but recently I’ve begun working differently. It has been interesting to work on an image over days, sometimes weeks. Sometimes just changing one thing, or undoing it. Enlarging the image on my screen and just looking at it. Trying not to be in a hurry with any of it. Even keeping some of it to myself.

There is one image that I did a month ago and haven’t wanted to show anyone. It is possibly one of my favourite images and I love it. I don’t know that I want to know others think of it. I will eventually show it but for now, I’m keeping it to myself.

Seafarers Bridge

Premiering a new image here on the blog.


This is the more recent one. I worked on this last week. Again it was about those clouds.

The Seafarers Bridge is my favourite bridge in Melbourne. I don’t know why, you can’t always explain these things. I’m sure people get sick of my photos of this bridge, but bad luck. I love it.

Again, playing with the light in the image and the colours. I like to see what it is possible, how far can I push it.

Having said that, I should also point out that I will not be showing the original images. I used to do that and it drove me nuts when people said they preferred the original. From now on we will explore the final pieces, as they are at the time.

From time to time I will go back to an image and change something, which is what I did to another image recently. After putting it up on various social media sites I decided it was too cold and made it a little warmer. That is one thing I like about social media, you get to see it a lot and can decide if you are happy with it. Of course, from time to time I put up photos and then decide I hate them. I don’t have to love everything.

Technical Stuff

I’m not big on technical information, but for those of you that like that kind of stuff.

The images were both taken on the Nikon D850 with the 16-35mm lens. I was using the Firecrest Ultra 13 stop ND filter from Formatt Hitech. I was also using my Benro tripod. Both images were taken with a two minute exposure.

Let me know if you have enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more like this. I would like to do more posts looking at what I was trying to do and what I hoped to achieve.

Take care.

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  1. I agree with not showing the originals Leanne. What you are doing is creating art from an image not changing an image to make it better. What is created is for your minds eye and self satisfaction., When others appreciate your art, then the pleasure of their pleasure is immense
    Love the light in both photos and the clouds as you say are amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m so glad that you agree with that. Creating art is definitely what I want to do and I definitely have an agenda when I’m trying to make my images.
      Thank you so much bushboy, appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Really enjoyed this post and the two photos. I love the glow of โ€˜thatโ€™ golden building (never know itโ€™s name) and the clouds in the first image. The angle of the bridge arches in the second one is fantastic, different, appearing elongated and the clouds kind of echo those lines. Nicely done, Leanne. More posts like this please!

    1. Thank you Chris, that is so good, I loved doing posts like this and really want to keep doing them. Love what you have said too, thank you. I’m loving where I’m going right now.

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