Weekend Wanderings – Blue Lotus Water Gardens

Weekend Wanderings - Blue Lotus Water Gardens

It has been a while since I did a Weekend Wanderings post and since I went to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens last weekend it seemed like a good move to show some photos today.

Weekend Wanderings

Since I didn’t do a Floral Friday post yesterday, I thought you guys might like to see a Weekend Wanderings post from my visit especially since it is flowers as well.

If you have been following me for the last couple of years or saw the post the other day, you would be aware that I go every year. It is unfortunate that it is only open in the middle of summer and you can’t really take photos early morning before the sun gets high in the sky. It always seems to be sunny when I go.

I’m not a big fan of sunny days. I really don’t like it when you get harsh shadows. So most of today’s photos were taken inside special structures that diffused the light. They were really hot in them, very humid, but produced the best photos. Well, for me they did.

Visiting Blue Lotus Water Gardens

The gardens are located just out of Yarra Junction and on the way to Warburton here in Victoria.

They’re only open for a few months each year and this year they will be closed after the 13th of April.

It costs $20 to enter for an adult, but you can get more information from their website, Blue Lotus Water Gardens.

The best advice I can give you, if you want to go, is to get there early. They open from 10 am and get busy very quickly. A lot of people go to see the gardens, especially on the weekends. We always try to get there around 10 am for opening.

The Gallery

Here are some of my photos from the trip. I did take my macro lens, but I didn’t use it at all. Instead the 70-300mm was on the lens the whole time. There aren’t many places you can get close to the flowers, so the telephoto lens was a better option for here.

Weekend Wanderings – Blue Lotus Water Gardens

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  1. Holy moly these are beautiful! Plus, reminding me that the lily pond will bloom again, it promises, despite this gray cold winter.

    1. Thank you so much Pat. Yes, it will, I would love some of your cold weather right now. It seems ages since I felt cold.

  2. Beautiful shots Leanne. I went wandering earlier in the week and found myself at a greenhouse a few kilometres north of me. What a great way to spend a dreary winter day.

    1. Thank you, greenhouses can be so good to get photos from, the light is often really good. Sounds like it would have been amazing.

  3. What a *really gorgeous series Leanne !
    That diffused light seems perfect for these beauties 🙂

  4. great set of photos, always love your work. Did you use a tripod? Do they allow tripods? cheers Bec

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