Weekend Wanderings – Spirits of the Sky

Yesterday I went to Healesville Sanctuary with my friend Chris from sv-takeiteasy. She loves photographing birds, so we went to the Spirits of the Sky show. I’m getting better at photographing these, but I’m coming to think that the Nikon D800 may not be the right camera for it. It doesn’t take many photos per second and with each image being so large it doesn’t take long for the camera to stop working as it catches up.  I might have to try my D300s for it.

Here is a gallery with the Australia birds. I’m off to my mum’s place today, so it is going to be a long day.

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  1. Stunning photographs! Love them! I’ve been trying to photograph birds flying too but with my camera (a humble EOS 1200D) it’s almost impossible!!! What lens did you use?
    Cheers from Ireland 🙂

    1. Thank you, it certainly is hard, I get many bad ones, it takes a lot of practice I think. I was using a cheap 70-300mm lens that cost me less than $200.

  2. I am so impressed, Leanne – that feature photo is spectacular. Well-captured! Hope you had a wonderful time with your mom.

    1. Thank you Rexlin, no I haven’t heard a word from her, I am hoping she just decided to stop blogging. I have no idea what her name is so couldn’t look her up anywhere.

  3. Oh my! I love the aerodynamics. I think in my next incarnation, if I get a choice, I shall be a raptor. Not one of the huge ones, but maybe a falcon.

    1. That’s great! Oh yep, we’ve got rain forecast for tomorrow and rain and snow for Weds. Maybe your rain will come our way.
      Have a good time anyway. You might find some great moody settings x

    2. I think our rain is heading south, sorry, but sounds like you are going to get more than us, no more rain, we hope, after today for a couple of days. Thanks, we were doing some macro today when the rain stopped for about an hour today.

  4. Hi Leanne, being a bird lover I read this piece with pleasure. You captured some nice images, well done. I wonder if for something like this subject matter would it be worthwhile only shooting jpgs so your camera would not take so long to process the images? Just a tip. Best Sharon

    1. Thank you Sharon, I don’t know, I thought it, the jpegs, but don’t like how limited you are, it may be something I might have to consider, or take my older camera that is better for that sort of thing. Thanks Sharon.

  5. Wow that’s a quick turnaround from yesterday’s outing! Very nice one of the owl – one I did not get. And the black kite is fun too. Healesville was wonderful… Hundreds of images I went through last night with fantastic material for my bird photography challenges! Enjoy the Mallee💕

    1. Yes, though I have 100’s of others too, I thought I would just pick the best from the show. I have to admit I did delete a lot of them and probably will delete more as well. That’s great to hear. I was so happy with the owl one, the first time I have been able to get one of it, they move so fast. Thanks Chris.

    1. Thank you Nicci, I was so happy with that, it is the first time I have been to get a good in flight photo of the barking owl.

  6. These are incredible. ….I go to a conservancy near us and struggle to get great shots let alone amazing ones like these.

    1. Thank you Becky, it helps that it is a show, so you are fairly close to the birds. I’ve been to it a few times now, so I have got better at predicting too. I was also playing around with the focusing and trying some things.

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