Weekend Wanderings: Cairn Curran Reservoir

Cairn Curran is a place I have visited quite a few times, but this last time was a little different.

First let’s take a look at the first time I went there.

This is from the second visit.

I seriously thought there would never be any water in it again. However, this year we have had so much rain, and there has been lots of flooding. So take a look at it now.

It is incredible how much water there is. See the one of the track, well in the top gallery first image with the sheep on the track, it is the same one.  Water, water, water everywhere. You can’t see the rail viaduct that I have photographed before at all. The pylons are completely under water. I wonder if I will ever be able to photograph those pylons again.

I took a little video, I hope you can hear the frogs, they were so loud.

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  1. Oh no my sheep are out again! I can give a little story to the photo with the sheep. As the water drops it exposes more and more rusted fence. The younger lambs are more adventurous and walk through it for the greener pickings on the neighbouring crown land. I don’t live there so it can be hard to keep them in when the water level is dropping. I’ll let them know they are famous, or the Council would say infamous. Loved the photos by the way

    1. Thank you Kevin, I can imagine that the sheep would do that. They ran back as we walked along. I did love the way they looked at us as we were walking towards them. It was almost with disbelief that we were coming their way. It is a great spot for photos. I am hoping the water will go down enough to see the old rail bridge again. Must go for a drive up there again. Last time I was there you couldn’t see it at all, completely underwater.

    1. Unbelievable, we were up around Bridgewater on Tuesday and had to keep turning around because of water on the road. Though hopefully all this rain will set us up well for the next few years. Thanks Dawn.

  2. Fascinating to see the change in the scenery with the rise in water levels. My favourite image would have to be the headline image with the feel that the water is zigzagging through the scene like a meandering river.

  3. What a difference the water makes! Although, both sets of photos are great, Leanne

    1. It does make a big difference, though the water takes away, or rather covers up the things that were great to photograph there, lol, thank you Laurie.

  4. Beautiful Leanne. You’ve given me hope for California. We’re in our 5th year of drought. Hopefully we’ll get tons of rain also.

    1. Thank you Anne, yes, there is always hope, we had a drought for over 9 years here, we were starting to think it would never rain again, but rain it has, I think from about the time your drought started. So if your drought breaks, ours will begin again, or that is what I’m told. When it started raining it didn’t stop and there were floods everywhere. There has been a lot of flooding this year.

    1. It is Nicci, I was starting to think that places like that would never really get any substantial water again, but we are getting so much, floods everywhere. Thank you.

  5. Very interesting place, Leanne. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Your photos have such a unique style-signature. I know your work even before I read your comments or see your watermark. I think this is a good thing as most good artists have a distinctive style. Although I like them all, the first one with the sheep and the one with the dirt road leading away from under the grove of trees are outstanding.

    1. Thank you, that is so nice of you to say. I have been hearing it a bit lately that people recognise my work it is great, especially when someone tries to steal it, they don’t get away with it. lol.

  6. Love the frogs! We have places like that here also, they are almost deafening but as soon as you make a noise they all quit! I’ve always wanted to record them! good job! 🙂

    1. They were deafening the day I was there, I have missed the noise, frogs were kind of endangered there for a while, so it made my heart sing to hear them. Thank you.

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