Weekend Wanderings – High Tea

This afternoon my weekend wanderings took me to a place in Brunswick called Mary Eats Cake. We were there to try out their high tea.

Weekend Wanderings – High Tea

My youngest daughter and I do this every couple of months with a friend of hers along with her mother. We love high tea and one of the best things about it is that there are good options for vegetarians. My daughter and I are the vegetarians.

We try new places every time we go in an effort to find the best one. I had never heard of this place before, but the name of it really grabbed me. I did ask if there was a Mary, and was told it was a play on the saying from Marie Antionette, Let Them Eat Cake. That was pretty cool. Names can be so interesting.

The food was great. At first, we weren’t sure we would like it, but it was spectacular. So good. It was a very noisy place and if you have trouble hearing then I wouldn’t go there. There is nothing to absorb the sound so it just goes around and around. I found it hard to hear people talking.


Going out for high tea is fun and taking photos of it is good too, but seriously I wasn’t going to drag my big camera there with me. It seemed like a fun thing to do today to just use my phone. As I said the other day, I have the Google Pixel 3XL and the camera in it is meant to be amazing. It is. So far I’ve tried it for quite a few things and the photos have been amazing.

For the afternoon it seemed like a fun thing to do to just snap some photos with it when I thought of it. All the photos here were taken with the phone.

While I’m not opposed to post-processing, never, I thought it might be nice to just show you how the photos were straight from it. The only thing I’ve done to them is resize them.


Not a lot of photos were taken, but here is selection for you to see what it looked like. I should have taken the Strumen lenses with me, that would have been so much better. Oh well, next time.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. Love these, High tea is the ultimate indulgence, my daughter and I enjoy it too!

  2. I never would have guessed these were taken with a phone. The images are fab and are making me want to pop the kettle on and get backing. High tea is one of my favourite treats.

    1. Thank you Laura, the phone has a great camera. I love high tea too, we do it often and am trying out lots of places in Melbourne. It seems to be very popular now.

  3. I always thought that afternoon tea was vegetarian. I recently discovered a place in Philadelphia that serves afternoon tea five days a week. The pub claims that they are “a sophisticated homage to the British pub serving updated seasonal takes on U.K. cuisine.”

    I was excited that they have Full English Breakfast on the menu but my wife (a vegetarian) and daughter were excited about afternoon tea. The tea manu is vegetarian.

    1. No, high tea has sandwiches and other savoury things and they often have meat in them. So we get the vegetarian sandwiches and pastries.

      That is great to hear that you all got something that you liked. I used to love the English Breakfast, but can’t eat it anymore.

  4. This collection of images prove that it’s the artist eye and not the camera. Love the dishes and the food looks amazing.

    1. Thank you, they were laughing at me when taking the photos, the people I was with. They thought it was funny how I was setting up the images. It was all amazing.

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