Women photographers who are inspiring

Women photographers who are aspiring

Good to hear that you are finding these posts inspiring and interesting so today I have some women photographers who are also inspiring

Women photographers who are inspiring

Most of you know how I feel about the lack of women in the photography industry, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. There are quite a few that we can get inspiration from, and learn from. Today I have three to show you. Two work with people, doing fine art portraits and the last is a landscape photographer.

The first two are videos while the third is a podcast.

Brooke Shaden

This isn’t the first time I have shown you the work of Brooke Shaden. She is very inspiring and I don’t think it would matter what sort of photography you did you could learn something from her. Brooke is very generous with her knowledge. She does seem to be a really beautiful person and someone I would like to meet one day.

This video is a quick look at her career as a photographer. I’ve been following her for a few years now and I learned some new things from this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Kirsty Mitchell

Around the time I discovered Brooke I also found the work of Kirsty Mitchell. She works in a similar way to Brooke, but is very distinctive as well. I don’t know if she is as well known, though she should be. Her work is very detailed and looks more into fantasy and fairytales I think. The wonder of life.

If you click here it will take you to a statement she has made and you can see for yourself what her work is about. It is always interesting to find this out.

Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik is an American landscape photographer and I am new to her work. My friend Chris introduced me with this podcast. Yes, it is a podcast, but it is a very interesting one and I think it is well worth listening to. She has some things to say about why there aren’t a lot of women in the photography industry.

I do have to say that I don’t necessarily agree with her. If you look around there are a lot of women doing landscape photography, the question we really should be asking is why don’t they get the same recognition that the men are getting.

So there are three for you to look at today. What do you think?

If you can think of photographers that you have discovered and think I should know about them then please let me know. Love showcasing the work of great photographers.

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  2. Love these women. There work is incredible. There are so many talented female photographers out there. Some well known, other’s not so much. Have you seen Elizabeth Gadd’s work Leanne? She does self portraiture.

    1. Glad you like them Noeline, and I agree there are many talent women out there. I haven’t, I will have to look her up, thank you for the introduction.

  3. Thank you Leanne, I was wishing for you to introduce more women photographers. Brooke Shaden really inspired me, although my work is totally different, yet watching her photography work and he great work she does with her project in India, inspired me for a few new project of mine in the future. Her work is mind blowing and I feel the same as you, that she is a person I would like to meet some day. Thank you Leanne.

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