Yeah I’m back now

Yeah I'm back now

Well, the weekend is over and yeah I’m back now. Had a great time and got so many photos, I have lots of work ahead. It is fantastic.

Yeah I’m back now

What a magical few days. Really, it was. I had the best time. It was so good going out and taking photos. Though not only that.

Do you know how rare it is to go somewhere to take photos and get the perfect conditions for photos day after day? That is what happened with us. I love nearly every one of the photos I took. So much so that I am going to find it hard working out which images I want to work on.

We were out nearly all day every day.

We had hoped to get some Astro, but it was overcast nearly the whole time. We saw very little of the sun. I have to admit I really didn’t mind. Perhaps if we weren’t getting great images during the day it would have been sad, but I loved it.

Thankfully, while it did rain, it didn’t rain enough that it was a washout. It seemed to rain more while we were in the car travelling from spot to spot. Only one or twice did we have to stop because of it.

You know you hear about the perfect conditions, well, I think I had them. I am so excited. Though you are going to have to wait a while before you see too many.

However, here are two for you. Both from the 12 Apostles. I will work on a post giving you more details about the trip.


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  1. These are two wonderful photographs and so very “Leanne”. It is great to see the words through your lens and your eyes. It is also gratifying to see your joy.

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