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As this blog evolves I know I will be trying things and seeing how it all works together.  Today I thought I might try combining the photos I’ve had up on Instagram with a bit of a catch up.

I was out teaching the other night and I took this while talking about bracketing shots. It is of the Docklands down in Melbourne along the Yarra River.


I leave in a few days. It is funny how a holiday or trip away just seems so conceptual until it is almost time to leave.  I know this trip has been like that, and now I am starting to think about packing and what I will take with me. Thankfully we’re taking a car so space isn’t going to be too much of an issue. Still have to fit everything in, but we can take more than if we were going on a plane.

Fingers crossed for good weather, though the forecast isn’t looking good, but still time for that to change. We can deal with cold, overcast skies, fog, frost, but not rain or snow.

The lake at the bottom of the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden. I did a bit more work on this one for Instagram.

Monochrome Madness

This will not run next week. Next week the blog is going to be about Tasmania.

Articles Published

I have had a couple of articles published, one on Digital Photography School and one a new site for me, Formatt Hitech. Here are the links.

Step by Step How to do Cloud Stacking

A look at how to do something different with your clouds and time lapse photography.

Find Inspiration Shooting Near Your Home

This is from the Formatt Hitech blog and is pretty much as the title says. I think most of you know how passionate I am about shooting where you live.

I hope you enjoy them.

This is my attempt at photographing Steavenson Falls in the rain. I went to Marysville last Friday, but it just rained while we were there. I had a hard time focusing and keeping my filter dry while trying to capture the water of the waterfall. A lot of water after recent rains.

Photos from Instagram

The photos from this post have all been up on Instagram this week. I do post everyday, but of course some of them have already been on the blog. It is a challenge trying to find a new photo each day.  I’ve added captions to them so you can see what they are and where they were taken.

The foyer of 333 Collins Street. The foyer used to be the Chamber and Vestibule for the Commercial Bank of Australia. It is now an office building and the new building was built around the original foyer.

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  1. Wow, these are really nice photos ! And congrats for your publications, especially the one on DPS : I hadn’t heard of that technique before, and found it quite interesting. Thanks !

  2. Hi Leanne, The rain is not always time to put the camera away, I have been pleased with some of my rain photos. Type Ronphotos.wordpress.com into the address line. Still a new work in progress.

    1. No it isn’t and you can get some great moody images with it, or sticking around until it stops, or just before. I will. Thanks Ron.

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