A day out to movie country – Winton Wetlands

Yeah, you read that right, it was movie country. While we were there we were surrounded by film crews as they got ready for a film shoot later in the day.

Last week I finally got out and went for a drive to Winton Wetlands which is around 2 and half hours by car from home. It is just past the town of Benalla on the Hume Freeway.

I had never been there before and neither had Chris. The night before we left I found a bookmark on Chrome to it and asked if she had been there. When she said no, we decided that would be our destination for the day.

The Mokoan Hub & Café

It was lunch time when we arrived so we headed to the Mokoan Hub and Cafe. It was a great spot for lunch and it looked over the wetlands. There was also an information centre and I had a lovely discussion with them there about the wetlands. As we were talking to them we were told they were shooting a film in the area as well. I have to say it is the first time I’ve ever experienced that.

With maps we headed out.

Winton Wetlands

There wasn’t much wet. It was so dry there. We were told there was some water, and it really was just some. We didn’t see much.

While not much water, there were dead trees for days. It you love dead trees then you would be in heaven here.

Apparently, it was a wetland for centuries but then they decided to make a lake there instead. I think it was the lake that killed the trees. I think. They gave up on the lake, but I can’t remember when.

Chris and I thought it was fantastic and know we will need to go back. Perhaps in winter.

Trying the new lens

One thing I did have fun with was my new Tamron 18-300mm lens. While the wide-angle was good it was also great to be able to zoom in on things as well. I have an example of the zoom for you.

The first image is at 18mm and the second is at 300mm. I am always amazed at what I get with it.

How incredible is that?

The movie

As I said they were getting ready to do some filming there later that night. We saw lots of people driving around. We even saw one guy with massive sponges trying to dry out a puddle because the director didn’t like it. The things they do for a movie.

A guy came over and asked me if I knew what was happening. I said yeah, you are shooting a film.

So he told me they were shooting a film called Foe, which has Saoirse Ronan in it. We didn’t see her, but the whole thing added some extra excitement to the day. Great story to go with it.

I have some photos for you. I am sure there will be more, but this will give you an idea of what we saw there.

Take care everyone.

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  1. Lovely to read of your visit to the Winton Wetlands. I enjoyed your photos and recognised the dam where I broke my arm in 1964 on the farm that was flooded for Lake Mokoan about 1971. My childhood was at Green’s Hill (My maiden name is Green) and I very sad to see the destruction of a wonderful environment with the formation of the lake. Which was a failure! The regeneration is happening but very slowly. A couple of films have already been shot at WW.

    1. Oh wow, it is always so good to read comments from people who know the area I photographed so well. I’m not surprised the lake was a failure, I’m also so glad that didn’t keep trying. Yeah, I’ve read about other films, it is a great place for them. Thank you Anne.

  2. Amazing, I flew over the area years ago as I was completing my longest distance in a paraglider. Lake Mokoan was impressive from the air with all the dead trees.

    1. I can imagine what it would look like from the air, though not sure I would like to land there, lol. It isn’t a lake anymore, which I think is nice, and now there are lots of birds there. I saw a few. Thank you Chris.

  3. The structure of leafless trees is beautiful but dead trees make me sad. 😥 Though I can see they probably create photographic opportunities.

    1. They make me sad too RJ, and I hope seeing them being killed or logged. Though these ones have been here for a while. They are great for taking photos. Thank you.

    1. I don’t know John, it is very dry up there and the humidity at the moment is 41%, which i reckon would be high but we have a lot of rain around at the moment.

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