Floral Friday – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show started on Wednesday and I have been there the last two days. Floral Friday is all about the photos I have from the show for you.


Floral Friday – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

It is always a great start to the year when the Flower and Garden show begins. A great opportunity to stock up on macro flower images, along with getting some good deals for plants for the garden and just see what is popular.

Being able to just wander around with your camera is really good and to see what is there.

Tamron Australia

This year I am experimenting with the Tamron SP 90mm macro lens, which is on loan from Tamron Australia. It is wonderful to see how supportive of my photography they have been. Tamron have some amazing lenses, and I know that the next time I want to get something, I will be looking at their range first.

I have used the Tamron macro lens before, it was about 3 or 4 years ago. It was good to see the newer version. My friend, Chris, came along as well and she purchased the Tamron lens when I was trying it out. We decided that there wasn’t a lot of difference, but the buttons on the side are so much easier to use on the newer version.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

There is so much there to see. It does get very busy so if you are planning on going, go early. Take a look at all the dahlias. I came home with three new ones for my garden. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and flower. I really wanted a white dahlia, but they were sold out.

I learned the names of some plants that I’ve never been able to work out what they were before. There are give aways there that you can get. One place had fertiliser for the garden, the freebie is already on the garden and I will have to get more. It looks like a good one, it is called Biomax Organic Fertiliser.

Struman Optics are up on the mezzanine floor inside the Royal Exhibition Building. It was good to see them and say hello. Those lenses for your phone are so good, I love playing with them and try to make sure they are always with me. I’m now playing with the fisheye full frame lens. It is amazing.


I have processed some images for you in Lightroom for today’s Floral Friday. They are just a fraction of what I managed to photograph. I will do another post on the show tomorrow for Weekend Wanderings. If you are in Melbourne the show is on until Sunday. Tickets are $29.90 and you can purchase them there, or online here. It is open from 9am to 5pm each day, though today it is open until 9pm. If you go along, let me know, would love to hear how you find it.


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  1. Did you take the flowers in the Flower and Garden Show with this new Tamron macro lens? The flower shots are as always superb, Leanne.

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