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Yesterday I told myself I had to do the post then got so carried away playing with the Lensbaby lenses I have that I completely forgot about it. I do love the Lensbaby lenses though, they are so much fun, I think I might be becoming addicted. They are different to use, so a bit of a learning curve, I think my MM photo tomorrow will be one taken with them.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Most of the articles are in. We are now editing and working through them. Looks like a great collection once again. We are publishing next month, hopefully around the usual time, but somethings have happened and it may be a little later.

We do have some interesting articles. We have interviewed Lori Nix and got some insight into the way she works and how she comes up with her ideas.  We are also looking at conservation and as photographers what we can do. There is a trip to Africa and some other things. I’ve written a tutorial on how to replace a sky. You will also get the image and a some skies so you can do it yourself.


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I’m trying to work out if I could run small classes for people who want to learn Long Exposure Photography here in Melbourne. The logistics could be interesting, but I think I could work around them.

One thing about Instagram has been how many people I’ve met that are here in my home town. It is starting to make me realise that it would be possible to run some classes here, I just have to find the students.

I am still planning the tutorials on photo editing, but until I get the magazine and book done I’m not sure I will have time for much else.  I am mulling them over in my head and trying to work out exactly what I could teach those that want to learn.

So stay tuned, there will be more on this soon.


There is no question that I am enjoying my time on Instagram.  I am getting opportunities to meet some interesting people. I went out on Saturday morning and met a new person. We took some photos around Docklands, there are a couple here for you.

So the photos, as usual are ones that have been up on Instagram. One you have seen before, but I have done a lot more work to it.

[envira-gallery id=”3782″]

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  1. You amaze me too Leanne .. You are so busy! I love Instagram too, such a wonderful environment. Wish I lived closer, I would love the long exposure class 😃

  2. Wow! You certainly have interesting things going on, Leanne, The photos are beautiful. There is such dramatic mood and lighting in them.

  3. I have never used Lensbaby and have seen some pretty interesting shots taken with them – so I can imagine your getting addicted. Sometimes it is a good thing to shake things up a bit with a little something different. I love these photos and my favorite is the Seafarers bridge – such fabulous architecture.I also love the long exposure of the building – has a really wonderful abstract look.

  4. Hi Leanne I have never seen Malmsbury Viaduct and Cairn Curran in that light before, I am so looking forward to going back there again for a couple of days. I am also looking forward to the replacing skies tutorial. Other images are also fantastic.

    1. Yes, that is Leanne’s light, can I call it that. lol. I’m sure it will be fascinating for you to see what it looks like now. Thank you Ron, the tutorial is written, now just need to organise the magazine.

  5. I love the images of the bridge, and I love seeing your watching your instagram feed, daily inspiration, thanks for sharing your work.

  6. Fantastic .. Glad to hear you are enjoying lensbaby .. I love it for different kind of effect you can get in camera without post .

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