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  1. Seriously who do more e-mails – everyone can go to your web site and enjoy the photos. I get many e-mails and manage to overlook some important ones.
    Thanks for your great photos

    1. That is really how I feel too Diana. I get a lot too, so it has been good to hear that a lot of people don’t want another one. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Hi Leanne,

    I can’t get my head around the theory that people will read an email before a blog post. I’m the exact opposite. Emails usually want something (new product – discount for early birds, complete survey etc). They’re quickly deleted. Blogs are informative, interesting and, in your case, inspiring. I’m happy with your existing arrangement of emails announcing your latest bog post. I suspect you are too.

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way John, I don’t get it either. I like what you are saying. That is good to hear, I don’t think you will be getting an email from me anytime soon. Thanks for letting me know what you think John.

  3. I agree with you on emails. I don’t read all of my emails, and I don’t read all of the newsletters I am subscribed too – and I subscribe because I have an interest in the company, service or place. Sometimes I just don’t have the time. The headline in the email usually draws me in – if I am pressed on time but the subject heading of the email interests me, then I’ll probably read it. I tend not to subscribe to emails that send out one every day. It can get annoying.

    I really like the first shot of the bird spreading its wings. It seems to be commanding itself over the other little birds. Very cute XD

    1. It is hard, it seems to be the thing that everyone is doing now, sending emails. I am some what over them. I have to admit I get so many that I tend to just delete them or ignore them.

      Thank you Mabel, Apollo Bay is a great place for photography. Thank you Mabel.

  4. Nice photos Leanne, Used to live near Colac so got down there often. I like the story you tell of staying overnight going from Sunset to sunrise. I aso like the way you portrayed the sunset/rise without putting the sun in most of your images.

    1. I hear you Elen, I feel the same way. No, I don’t think it is, yours and everyone’s else’s opinion seems to gel with mine, I don’t really want to do one. Thanks for letting me know Elen.

  5. I prefer to keep my inbox less cluttered. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed there, either. Your website is easy to find, and easy to navigate once here.
    Btw, I like the shots of Apollo Bay, and can understand why you love it there.

    1. I would to, so thank you for giving your thoughts, and thank you for what you said about my photos, it is a great place.

  6. Really nice images as always, Leanne. Re your question about blog posts and newsletters, I find daily mail and posts a bit much, and I would rather not get anymore! There is a fine line between marketing great work and overdoing the social media thing. I know when I follow blogs, getting daily posts tends to turn me off. There are some I flick through quickly and others I want to take the time to read properly. It all depends on interest of course, but also quality of content, expectations of what I will find (is it going to be good, useful or only so-so) and what time I have. But if you want to generate business or income, then getting the frequency of posting right is important. I also find there is also a lot of overlap between social media sources, particularly when you publicise WP posts on IG and FB and vice-versa and I find this a waste of time. So rather than do more, maybe streamline what you publish and decide on how you use each tool. For instance,if we know we get tips on your IG account, or we can read tutorials, follow your key projects and see your portfolio on your website, that would work better. So that’s my two bobs worth. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Thank you Chris. I’m with you on the daily emails. It is a bit too much after a while. I understand the overlap with social media though the biggest problem with that, I find, is that they are very different audiences and those that follow all are few in number. I know you follow me on all, but only a small percentage do and I find the audiences very different for all of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I love the feature photo, it’s beautiful! I like emails from photographers. Well I only subscribe to one, but I always open it to look at the images. I don’t buy a lot of photography though so while I read, he’s not making any money off me. I love this blog too. From my perspective, I will read a monthly or quarterly newsletter and also the blog. Newsletters are a hot ticket as far as marketing professionals say because they are “permission based marketing,” which they consider to be gold. These people have given you their permission to market to them.

    1. Thank you Nicci. YOu are one of those people that the marketers like, unlike me. I must get around 20 to 50 emails a day, who can read that many? I hear professionals say that, but I wonder if that was before everyone was doing it. I’ve started unsubscribing to heaps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Gorgeous photos. We will be visiting Apollo Bay next April, tho I don’t think for a minute I will be able to get photos like yours! As for the emails, I agree, I am always struggling to read them all, and many days I just delete them. Don’t spread yourself too thinly, is my motto. Do a few things and do them well…but that is just me.

    1. I like your motto Ardysez it is a good one and I’ve been thinking the same. I don’t want to do an email but all these marketing people say it is the way to go, and I hate getting so many. I think too many people do them now, so they aren’t really as effective. I will stick with the blog. YOu will love Apollo Bay, it is a beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. It is interesting to see these photographs from 2 years ago. Your style and eye have changed in how you see and share. Not that I don’t enjoy these photographs they just have a more subtle look and feel vs. those you work on now. As for newsletters and e.mail. i think you are correct in the idea that it is just more to read. Mostly I disregard continuous e.mails from the same place. I feel like those who want to know what you are doing and have to say know exactly where to find you. Giving your readers more content can overload them. It also depends on what you are looking to build with your blog? If it is more content then a newsletter or e.mail push would be a way to go. If it is more clients it is more about continuing to learn about the market that you are looking to teach to and learning where they look for experts. Or if it is selling prints then that is another direction entirely. Of course I am no expert, but building a following that also pays you for your expertise is something I think most people with incredible talent like yourself are wondering what the magic combination of it all is. Consistent, kind, thoughtful interaction goes a long way in gaining trust and loyalty as you well know 🙂

    1. Thank you Carrie, I was thinking the same thing. That’s good to hear. I keep hearing that a newsletter is the way to go, but I don’t read a quarter of what gets sent to me. I get so many, if I read them all I wouldn’t have time for anything else. I do want to build a following and part of that is also getting people to pay for something, but I am still working out how. I am hoping some new things here might help. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Carrie. 😀

  10. I prefer the blogs. If I have no time to read a “general news” email yes, it gets deleted. If it’s from a person whose work I generally like, when I do have more time (?? this is sometimes only when the internet is down anyway….) I can go back and catch up on blog posts. I do this from time to time for people who I haven’t heard from recently, and I know from the blog likes, that others do this to me too.

    1. That is exactly what I do Jeni which is part of the reason I wanted to find out. That’s good thank you for sharing that.

  11. I get an email notification from WordPress that there is a new post on your blog. Over I jump and read the blog post. That works for me. You already pump out a huge amount of stuff, which takes a lot of work and time; surely you don’t want to add even more to your workload! Soon you won’t have any time for photography ….

    1. That’s what I thought Derek so I thought why would people want more. That’s great and pleased to hear that those emails work. That is very true I am happy not to do a newsletter, so that is good to hear thank you Derek.

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