Bridges that you can find around Melbourne

It is back to the dentist today. Hopefully, all will go well.

I’ve been down along the Great Ocean Road this week as well, but since I got home it has been non-stop.

Before the trip along the coast, I also spent the day in the city with Anne, from Slow Shutter Speed. One of the places people like to go is along the river. Along the river here are lots of bridges. Some are just for pedestrians and some you can drive over.

Melbourne does have some pretty cool bridges. I definitely don’t see them as much as I used to. I have to admit that since the start of the pandemic, my interest in the city has really waned. I am finding myself looking for subjects away from it.

Since that is what Anne wanted to do I thought it might be fun today to look back on some of the bridges I have photographed over the years. In some cases over and over.

I hope you either enjoy seeing them for the first time, or you enjoy seeing them again.

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  1. the stillness is meditative and what you do with light is so striking – I always appreciate a reminder that light is the subject of photography!

  2. You could put a book together on these, Leanne! They are beautiful. Once when we were down in Melbourne we left the big boat at Yarra’s Edge and took the dinghy up river. It gave us a different perspective. Some of them are really intricate and interesting underneath.

    1. I probably could, though I never will. One book failure is enough. You can hire small boats all along the river now, maybe I should try one, one day and see what I can find. Thank you Chris.

  3. I think it’s interesting the tipping point was the pandemic for you.

    I’ve been watching Colorado Springs grow for years now, and I stopped enjoying living here about 5 years ago or so. Have been working on an exit strategy since then.

    New Construction in our back yard and the hysteria around covid were merely confirmation bias for us. I’m starting to think Namibia, with it’s 97% unpopulated land mass, sounds amazing.

    1. Yeah, I think the pandemic showed me that I could do photography in a completely different way. In that I didn’t have to leave my home for it. If I spent the time in my garden to get it to a point that I could go out nearly every morning and take photos in it.

      Wow, you are thinking of a really big change. That is massive, a whole different country. It does sound amazing, though Australia is a bit similar and we could do similar, but my husband likes where we live now, so we won’t be going anywhere soon. Thanks Matt.

    2. I’m not suggesting I’ll get to move to Namibia — only that Namibia’s population seems like a pro to me.

    3. I can understand that. That is one thing that is good here, we have a small population, only 26 million. Especially when you think the US is only a little bit bigger than us.

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