Silent Sunday – Revisiting St Leonards and Queenscliff

Silent Sunday - Revisiting St Leonards and Queenscliff

For Silent Sunday today, I have been going through older Weekend Wandering posts and decided on revisiting St Leonards and Queenscliff.

Silent Sunday – Revisiting St Leonards and Queenscliff

We do these posts and then we publish them. Then over time, they are forgotten. It is nice to get the photos out of storage and let them see the light of day again.

These are images from a weekend spent down at St Leonards in 2017. It is a great place to take photos and I have to wonder why I haven’t been back there. The images remind me that I need to do that, go back.

So, I have been thinking that I wouldn’t mind using these posts to highlight places that I think I need to revisit. I’ve never been the type of photographer that has thought one visit was enough. It is good to go back to places many times to see what else you can get.

St Leonards is not a place I’ve visited a lot, but it is a beautiful part of the Bellarine Peninsula. Though other places seem to get more attention. It is a bit quieter, but it still has some wonderful places to photograph. It is somewhere where I’ve been wanting to take my infrared camera as well.


Here are some of the photos from that weekend. They show an idyllic seaside town, actually two of them.

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  1. Thanks, Leanne, beautiful images. I’ll have to do the same. It’s only a few hours away.

    1. Thank you Don and you’re welcome too, it is a great place for photos. I’m thinking about staying for a night or two.

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