Burning and Dodging Again – Using Lightroom this time

A couple of weeks ago I did a video on burning and dodging but I used Photoshop for it and this week I wanted to show you how to do it in Adobe Lightroom.

It isn’t harder to do, but it can be a bit more fiddly, however, the results are often worth it.

This is the original image.

It isn’t a bad image, but with burning and dodging I can bring out some more features.

To learn how I have done what I have check out the video for this week.

Again, if there is something you would like me to show you, let me know. I know I keep asking, but no one ever asks for anything.

I won’t do a video on how I do my fine art images, I will show you some of the techniques, but not the actual workflow. It can take me up to 6 or 7 hours to do some of them.

Burning and dodging is a major part of my workflow so I hope you can use this video for your own. Take care.

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  1. I love your results but, I have trouble with hand tremors. I find that with some diligent adjusting of one or more luminosity masks (Capture 1) I can get close to your effect. Not sure about equalling your technique but it moves me in a most worthwhile direction. Your videos are certainly worthwhile!

    1. Thank you Brian, that is nice to hear, I sometimes wonder if I should keep doing them. I used a pen tablet and that helps a lot, gives me a lot more control I find. I looked up Capture one, it seems really expensive.

  2. Great to see the dodging and burning in Lightroom. I had never noticed the brush option for selective masking! Thanks a lot, Leanne, very useful.

    1. C1 works for me. I haven’t looked at their page for a while but when I first started using C1 it had a free for ever version. I do know that they changed their product pricing a while back and it did not get rave reviews. But I’ve been using the same version for a few years. Like my old Sony it just keeps surprising me.

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