Calming Image of Sorrento


After yesterdays post, I thought it might be nice to do one that was less stressful for me, and for you. Today I am just going to show you an image, just one, but hopefully one that is calm, or quiet. 

It is an image that was taken a while ago when I was trying to get some long exposures for an article I was writing. It was taken down at Sorrento, on one of the back beaches there. It was taken using the Formatt Hitech Firecrest 13 stop ND filter and is a two minute exposure.

I was using the Canon 5D Mark IV for this image with the 16-24mm lens. I had trouble this day as the 5D was different to use with the filters and I couldn’t seem to get great exposures. I have never had that much trouble with the Nikon D800. It was a little frustrating.

I got some in the end, and after, just a little, processing I ended up with the following image.


It isn’t an image of much, but it does seem to work. I hope you agree.

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  1. The technique to convert an already great image into something dramatic is truly noteworthy. I’d wished I could do this, Leanne!

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