Catching Up on this week.

As you may have guessed, Facebook is taking up a lot of my time still. Things are starting to move there, which is good, but I’m finding myself quite addicted to watching it grow.

The Photographer’s Mentor

We may as well start there. There are over 600 people who like it now. I’m feeling good that I only started the page just under 4 weeks ago. Through that time I’ve been talking to some of them about what they want from the page and what I can do. It has been good meeting people and talking to them. It has definitely helped with a direction for the page. The direction seems to be more in the way of post processing, so now I’m going to start working on a course for that.

As the year winds back and we get ready for the Christmas season I will be working hard to get some new videos and such ready so I can launch my own course early next year. I have purchased a good microphone and have a very good web cam. I might have to get used to showing my face. I guess time will tell if that will be good or not. The next thing I need to work out is how to do the course, or rather run it. I might need a different website for it, but I have to check it all out. So much to do.

Here is the link to it again if you would like to join me there:

The Photographer’s Mentor

I am also going to be organising and doing interviews with people. At the moment I have two people lined up, but first I need to work out how to do them. So once I do that I will be set to go.

Long Exposure Workshops

The last ones for the year were last weekend. I will start them up again after the summer. It is too hard to them in the hotter months.

I will still be doing 1on1’s with people, so if anyone wants to learn how to use their camera or do an individual long exposure lesson, they are still available.

Look out for Gift Vouchers which will be available in time for Christmas presents.

New Camera

I can’t remember if I told you that I have ordered the new Nikon D850? I have no idea when I will get it. I, perhaps, should have ordered it sooner. Though I may be getting one to test out and review soon. That will be good. I have a lot of questions about it and I hope to get them answered.


Actually, I think that is it. As I said, Facebook has been taking up majority of my time, but hopefully that will change with time as it starts to take off and things work better.

A new quote to leave you with today.

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  1. I really like the last photo. The brown tones and the reflections are lovely – this would look great on a wall in large format.

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