Having high tea at The Waiting Room at Crown

One of the things we wanted to do when we were in the city last weekend was have high tea with my daughters. Also joining us was my eldest daughter’s boyfriend.

It was the first time I have seen my eldest and her boyfriend since the beginning of the year as they moved to Darwin for his work. They are back in town and we thought high tea would be a good way to celebrate.

We tried to get into lots of places, but then we found The Waiting Room which is in the foyer for the Crown Casino and hotel.

The location was great and the high tea was fantastic. They were attentive and we had a great time.

I took a heap of photos to show you.

Ambience and drinks

When we got there we found a small red box at each setting and inside were some chocolate things. We thought it was fudge, but when we got home it was a strange thing. There was marshmallow and jelly inside the chocolate. They were good.

The girls and boyfriend paid for free-flowing sparkling wine, while my friend and I went non-alcoholic, or unlimited tea and coffee. We were surprised to see that we were given a mocktail as well. I loved it, hence the empty glass.

3 different preferences

We were a mixed bunch, there was one person who ate meat, 3 vegetarians and 1 vegan. So we had to get 3 different stands. They all looked good.


Out front

There was a small stand out the front with these in it. When we first saw them we thought they would be part of the high tea, but they were huge. Probably good that they weren’t.

I decided to take photos of each of the things we had to eat. I might have missed one or two things, but this is pretty much what we got.

Some was good, some things not, but overall I liked most of it. It was a great place for high tea in Melbourne and I would go again at another time.

Sorry, the photos aren’t great. I was using my phone and the light in the place wasn’t fantastic. It was fine for eating, but not taking photos.

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    1. It is amazing how you eat it all. YOu do it slowly over a couple of hours, of course there are things you don’t eat because you don’t like them. We did have a great time RJ. Thank you.

  1. Tea with daughters has to be a special time! I never had a daughter, though I have many friends who are like daughters! Cherish your relationship with your daughters, which I am sure you do.

    1. Yeah, most high teas here do, usually just a glass on arrival, but some places allow you to have free flowing. I don’t drink much so I never get that. Thank you Margaret.

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