Catching Up: Very Quickly

Time is so short at the moment, but I really want to fill you in on what has been happening around here. Facebook is taking up so much time, and I do need to get that under control.

Looking back at the Sexism article

Recently I did a post on sexism in the photography industry. I don’t want to rehash what I wrote, I still believe what I said, but I found out something the other day, which I thought was quite interesting.

On Facebook you can do this thing called Audience Insights, it helps you to target who your audience is for advertising, and while I was doing it for Landscape Photography I was so shocked to see it there in blue, I think it was, that of all the people on Facebook, who like landscape photography 49% of them were women. Here look for yourself, here is the graph.


I did this for all the people who are in the listed countries. It is an interest for these people. So, for those who think that not many women are interested in landscape photography, I think you need to have a rethink. While it isn’t absolute, I think it does show that far more women are interested in that type of photography.

I decided to put in just photography and see what the results would be, expecting that there would be far more men, but:


Look at that, 63% women, and only 37% men. Then if you look below it is gives you the totals for all over facebook, still more women for photography than men.

So my question becomes, what are the marketing people in these companies doing? Are they not looking at who really are taking photos? Hey Nikon Australia, your ambassadors only represent 46% of the market.

Enough on that subject today.

Nikon D850

I don’t have my own yet, but I have been given a loan camera from Nikon’s PR company to use and review. It only arrived yesterday, so I haven’t had time to get out with it, but that will happen. Unfortunately summer has really hit us here, and we are seeing lots of blue, blue skies. I am going to have to get out and see what I can create with this camera.

I am so glad to finally have my hands on one. It will be so good to test out and find answers to some of the questions I have for it.

Struman Optics Phone Lenses

Struman are offering everyone a special deal at the moment, if you use the code social30 you can get a 30% discount on the phone lenses. Great chance to try them out. This is just for you and I don’t get a kickback, which is fine. It is nice for you to have something as well. So go to their website, Struman Optics.



Really nothing more, I am behind, I will catch up, so if you have left a comment I am getting to them.

Take care and have a good week.


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  1. Great post Leanne .. Good thing those Facebook analytics. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. love to know what you think of that camera. Do you know if the Struman optics will match with the apple X mob?

    1. It does make you wonder, I wish the photography industry would keep up. I can’t see why they wouldn’t Julie. When you come over you can try the ones I have. Thank you Julie.

  2. Wow that is fantastic information about women in photography. I love it. Thanks, Leanne. Women make up the most readers by far and always have. Sexism exists in fiction as well. I love knowing this about photography and hope the camera makers start taking notice.

    That new Nikon looks interesting. I hope you can work out what to do with it during summer.

    1. It is, I thought so too, it is great to see that. I know, women do and it is time we got rid of this sexism and it was recognised. Such crap. I would like to think they would, but the evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

      I am sure I will Nicci, there will be things to photograph, I will just have to get up earlier. Thank you Nicci.

    2. Thanks for shining the spotlight on the issue, Leanne. That’s what we need to keep doing and keep on supporting women photographers and writers.

      Oh that’s true. Good option, getting up earlier. I always forget about that one, LOL.

    3. You’re welcome Nicci, I totally agree.
      Yeah, it has been nice doing it, though I’m not used to it, and it makes the rest of the day quite hard.

    1. There is no way of telling Cornelia, it includes all people on FB who have that as an interest, so professional and non. Thank you, I took it out this morning and it was amazing.

  3. Too much blue sky? Never! 😬 I’m an amateur of course Leanne but it’s interesting to me how different it is to shoot in a rare overcast day here as opposed to full-on blue. The mood of the mountains and canyons are different. 🌴🌵

    1. Oh yes John, there can be way too much blue sky, for me anyway. I like clouds so I can capture them as they go through the sky. Clouds can give a completely different look. Thank you John.

  4. It never crossed my mind that men or women were differently interested in photography. I really that that was entirely personal and had nothing to do with gender. But from your stats, it looks like I was right. The differences are small enough to not count for much, so basically, you like what you like. Men, women, whatever.

    1. I don’t think they are either, but apparently the photography industry thinks it is all men, and that far more men are taking photos, so they gear everything towards them. It is a little sad.

    1. It isn’t mine yet Peter, hopefully I will get mine soon, and after being out with it today, I can’t wait to own my own, it is amazing. Thank you Peter.

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