Day 2 – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

I was up very early again this morning as I made my way back into the city for the Melbourne Flower Show.

Today I did something that I have never done before, but know it is something I will have to do again. I took my 3 Legged Thing tripod with me and used it.

I usually just photograph everything handheld, but I wanted to try doing some time-lapse videos. I got this new thing for my tripod which means when I use my Syrp Genie Mini I can get it straight. The thing is called a Levelling Base, logical right because that is exactly what it does. I have always had trouble with the Genie Mini, trying to get my horizons level, but with this it is so much easier.  Click on this link to find out more.

While having Bucky, my tripod, with me today I also decided to try taking some photos using it. It is nice not to have to put the ISO up really high inside to take photos. I think sometimes when you use a tripod you do think more about your composition.

I took some more photos of the display gardens inside and here are some of them.

I had a lovely conversation with one of the people behind the last display garden. I love the idea of the abandoned garden and how it would grow.

They are all so imaginative. I just wish the lighting inside was better, or that they all had their own individual lighting. They would look so much better.

We were also discussing the problem of keeping the flowers alive. We are on Day 2 and some are wilting already. I imagine by Sunday they won’t look as fresh. I guess it is a good thing to get there early to see them at their best.

There didn’t seem to be as many people there today, but that could have been because I was looking early on. I know the crowds had increased as I was leaving around 11am.

I did do a few time-lapse videos and you can see them in the following video. I also filmed a bit yesterday as well. I’m not in the video, it is just to show you some of the sights that are at the Flower and Garden show. I hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow I’m going back, but I think I might take my Lensbaby lenses with me. Try and get in closer than I have been. It is time to stop the overall views and start getting some of the shots that I love to get. I will show you those soon.

Take care everyone.

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